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Matt Riddle's Bloodsport results: Matt Riddle vs. Minoru Suzuki


Here are resutls from this afternoon's Matt Riddle's Bloodsport event from Game Changer Wrestling.

- Dominic Garrini defeated KTB

Dom took everything KTB had and was still able to wrap him up for a triangle submission.

- Eddie Kingston defeated Tracy Williams

A vicious spinning backlist by Kingston caused the ref stoppage KO.

- Masada defeated Martin Stone

Ref stoppage after elbows despite the commentary team questioning the fast call.

- WALTER defeated Tom Lawlor

Great match up here with WALTER taking Tom’s sleeve off of his injured arm and working it over. Huge chop exchange that WALTER of course got the better of. He wrapped Filthy Tom up in a head and arm choke for the submission.

- Dan Severn defeated Chris Dickinson

An incredible entrance by The Beast with his team carrying various championships while the original UFC theme played. Mat based match early on, Dickinson had what would be an apparent stoppage yet the referee did not make the call. After the non call, Severn choked out Dickinson with a rear naked.

Post match, Dickinson attacked Severn on the outside before it could be broken up by Matt Riddle, among others.

- Nick Gage defeated Timothy Thatcher

These two brawled on the outside which was the first time that had happened today, the people were behind Gage during the striking battle. Gage won via KO after repeated forearm strikes to the head.

- Minoru Suzuki defeated Matthew Riddle

Suzuki was a last minute replacement for Low Ki and the crowd absolutely loved him along with Riddle. They battled all over ringside and using the apron for leverage on various holds. Suzuki and Riddle exchanged chops and while most times Suzuki laughs off his opponents, he was all business tonight and switched to strikes to cut off the powerful chops. Suzuki caught Riddle in a choke that Bro tried to fight out of but it was too deep and the referee called it.

Post match, Suzuki shook his hand before embracing Riddle as the crowd celebrated along with them.