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MLW Fusion results: LA Park vs. Sami Callihan falls count anywhere


The Big Takeaway —

Kotto Brazil made his return, but Ricky Reyes is not done with him. Barrington Hughes and Ace Romero were supposed to face off against each other, but ended up being a new tag team. Teddy Hart booped his cat’s nose. The build to the Low Ki and Tom Lawlor MLW title match continued as Low Ki cut a great promo on Lawlor. LA Park and Sami Callihan had a wild brawl that was a ton of fun.

The Recap—

The show opened with a memoriam for Rex Bacchus. A recap aired about all the events leading to LA Park vs. Sami Callihan, as Callihan failed to take out Tom Lawlor.

Kotto Brazil defeated Vandal Ortagun

Brazil made his return from injury, but was sent to the floor quickly by Ortagun. Brazil was wearing a patch over his eye, but has not slowed down as he managed to drag Ortagun to the outside and hit two suicide dives and then a tope con hilo. Brazil went for a Destino, but Ortagun managed to avoid it. Ortagun pulled the eyepatch way out and snapped it back into Kotto’s eye which had to suck.

Vandal nailed a big chop and then sent Brazil to the corner. Vandal got the heat for the next few minutes with some classic heel offense, including rope chokes. After a chop, Brazil fired back with a few, but Vandal went for the eyes and cut him off. Brazil hit an Eat Da Feet and then a few German suplexes, and ended with one with a bridge after a few counters. Brazil used a springboard to hit a headbutt, and then nailed a series of strikes.

Vandal went for a powerbomb, but Brazil countered into a hurricanrana and then hit a Code Red, but Vandal kicked out. Brazil hit a cutter and then a Destino and got the pinfall. This probably went a little too long, but it was a good match. Ricky Martinez attacked Brazil after the match and took his eyepatch.

-- A recap aired of Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Pillman Jr. Dreamer was on the phone, cutting a promo about how Pillman was crazy to let Dreamer choose the match when it was going to be in the 2300 Arena.

Barrington Hughes and Ace Romero went to a no contest

Romero started with some forearms and big strikes. Hughes hit a Vader-like attack, and then Romero did a running dropkick. As both men were getting ready to keep going, Col. Rob Parker came out and cut a promo on both guys about their size. The Dirty Blondes ran out and attacked, and the referee decided it was time for a tag team match.

Barrington Hughes and Ace Romero defeated The Dirty Blondes 

Romero and Hughes immediately responded to the Blondes by squashing them, literally and figuratively, when they hit stereo powerslams. It seems there is a new tag team in MLW.

-- A video aired hyping Mance Warner coming to MLW.

-- H2tv interrupted Tony Schiavone. Pillman Jr. and Teddy Hart cut a promo on Pentagon and Fenix where they called them cowardly for hiding behind their masks. Hart forced Pillman to drink a protein drink and run down the hallway. The segment ended with Hart booping his cat on the nose.

-- Matt Striker ran down the rest of the MLW Superfight card, a significant downgrade from Schiavone.

-- Sami Callihan cut a promo about how LA Park was going to leave in a body bag.

-- Low Ki cut a promo against 'Filthy' Tom Lawlor, applauding him in a very sarcastic manner for overcoming all of Low Ki’s associates. This was a really good promo.

LA Park (w/ Salina de la Renta) defeated Sami Callihan in a falls count anywhere match 

LA Park lives up to his name of being the chairman as he brought a chair into the ring. Both men started exchanging chops and Park pointed at Callihan’s protective vest and asked him to remove it. Callihan did and begged Park to chop him. Park chopped him so hard it brought tears to Callihan’s eyes. Park then hit a clothesline and they went to ringside. Park nailed Callihan with a trash can lid after setting him on a chair. Park then hit a suicide dive, knocking Sami off the chair.

Park removed his belt and started beating Callihan with it. Park went for another suicide dive, but Callihan destroyed him with a garbage can and then hit him a second time once on the outside. Callihan hit Park with a pylon, and then with Park’s own belt. Callihan chopped Park, grabbed a beer, and smashed it into Park’s head. Callihan ran at Park, but Park dumped him into the front row and then nailed Callihan with a garbage can. Park took apart a guardrail and set the garbage can on it. Park suplexed him on the garbage can and the guardrail.

Park grabbed several chairs from the front row and threw them into the ring. Park nailed Callihan with a chair and a cookie sheet, but Callihan kicked out of a pin attempt. Park and Callihan brawled out into the lobby, and outside of the building onto the street. After brawling on the outside, they made their way back in a different door and the entire ringside area was torn apart.

Callihan was rolled back into the ring by Park, but Callihan accidentally took out the ref’s leg while rolling in. Park tried to pin Callihan, but Callihan kicked out. After Park hit a powerslam, the ref couldn’t complete the count. Park hit the ref with a cookie sheet. Callihan hit a low blow, and the ref went to make the pin, but Park kicked out. Callihan went to powerbomb Park on a series of chairs, but Park countered and ran to the corner. Callihan charged, but Park dodged and then speared Callihan into all the setup chairs and he pinned Callihan.

That was fantastic. A five star classic? Definitely not, but it was a great, fun brawl.