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MLW Fusion results: Pentagon Jr. vs. Teddy Hart


Quick results --

  • LA Park defeated Gringo Loco
  • Teddy Hart defeated Pentagon Jr.

Full recap --

The first episode of MLW Fusion in 2019 opened up with a video recap of the shocking events that concluded last week's Low Ki vs. Konnan match: Low Ki stabbing a foreign object into the back of Konnan before Tom Lawlor made the save and sent Promociones Dorado running.

Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini welcomed us to the show and hyped up this week's main event of Teddy Hart vs. Pentagon Jr. and also mentioned we would be hearing from the injured Kotto Brazil.

LA Park (w/ Salina de la Renta) defeated Gringo Loco (12:19)

Bocchini mentioned that Gringo Loco has exclusively signed with MLW as he made his way to the ring. We had a cut-in promo from de la Renta during LA Park's entrance saying her New Year's resolution is a year of the revolution of violence in Promociones Dorado.

Loco was over with the local Miami crowd as they took turns working the corners to warm the fans up. After a cheap shot from Park, they immediately went to the outside and up through the fans for a bit of crowd brawling. Park used a sign from one of the fans as a weapon before they made their way back to the ring. He kept on the offensive with a hard clothesline before removing his belt to use on the hurting Loco.

Park had the crowd in his hands as he was using their enthusiasm for Loco against them with each belt shot to the back.

They went to the outside again -- where Park set up two chairs seat-to-seat before powerbombing Loco on top of them. The crowd erupted in a “USA” chant as Park taunted them some more by draping a Mexican flag over his head and telling them to “suck it.”

Back in the ring, Loco fought back and hit Park with a huge springboard apron-to-ring middle rope cutter but only got a two count. He kept his momentum running with a tope con hilo to the outside.

They made their way to the entrance stage, but Loco suddenly made his way up the lighting grid at the side of the main screen in the arena. He steadied himself on the top, then lined up and dove off with a crossbody from the top of the lighting grid! The crowd appreciated it and gave him a “holy sh*t” chant, quickly followed by “This is awesome.”

After a slow start for Loco, he was giving himself a really good showing and looked to end the match by going up to the top rope -- but he took too much time and missed a corkscrew splash. This gave Park the chance to get back into the match that he dominated so much of in the opening sections.

After some kicks in the corner, Park threatened the referee to stop getting in his way. As he turned to inflict more damage, the referee got physically involved and ended up restraining him by holding his arms back. This gave Loco an opening to kick Park, who fell back on top of the referee and flattened him on the mat.

Loco went up top and went for a frog splash, but Park moved and he squashed the referee instead. Park capitalized on the mix-up, and as Loco was checking on the referee, Park steadied himself and hit Loco with a huge spear for the win.

- Kaci Lennox was backstage with Kotto Brazil and wanted to know his side of the story regarding his injured eye. He said he was in the club in Miami and Ricky Martinez came out of nowhere and attacked him with a champagne bottle to the eye. Brazil said the doctor has told him he needs to wear an eye patch until it heals. He said he is coming for Martinez and he has only one eye, but it is on him so he better run.

- We saw another recap of last week's conclusion of the Low Ki vs. Konnan match, and Tony Schiavone told us that members of Promociones Dorado have been fined the following amounts of money: Low Ki: $15,000, Salina de la Renta: $15,000, Ricky Martinez: $7,500, Hijo de LA Park: $7,500.

- There was a phone interview with Bocchini and Konnan where they discussed last week's goings on. Konnan said he has a concussion, a possible punctured kidney, has blood in his urine, and is going through tests. He said what Low Ki has started, he is going to end.

-  Low Ki was then backstage where he was trash talking Tom Lawlor and hyping up their MLW World Heavyweight title match in February. He called himself Genghis Khan and said Lawlor is no conqueror. He said he is going to tear Lawlor's heart out in front of his children and make an example out of him. An example that no one will ever forget.

- We then cut to a recorded message from Fred Yehi. He was talking to Low Ki and said he is back after his three-month trip to Germany. Yehi said he has been keeping up to date with MLW and the goings on between the champion and Yehi's teammate Tom Lawlor. He challenged Low Ki to a fight next week.

- Kaci Lennox was backstage, this time with Ace Romero. Lennox asked Romero what he is going to spend his $20,000 on. He said that he is here for the real prize, the ultimate prize, he is here for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

- We cut to Tommy Dreamer holding a Singapore cane. He was talking to Brian Pillman Jr. about the cane being a thing of beauty and how, when it hits you, the wood opens and cuts your skin. He said he was caned for real when he took 13 shots from the Sandman. He said Pillman does not know the pain that he is about to experience next week in their Singapore cane match.

Teddy Hart (w/ Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr.) defeated Pentagon Jr. (11:16)

A hard-hitting but fast-paced encounter closed the first episode of MLW Fusion in 2019. We saw footage from last week where Pentagon was attacked by Promociones Dorado at the end of the show. Schiavone questioned if Pentagon was fully fit to be fighting Teddy Hart tonight.

The two wrestlers traded hard shots to open the match. Pentagon looked in control and was looking to suplex Hart out of the ring from the apron, but in mid-air Hart twisted and countered with a cutter across the top rope. He then followed up with a slingshot piledriver through the middle ropes that knocked Pentagon down to the floor.

Hart followed up with a huge moonsault off the top rope to the outside to kick off the high-risk action. On the outside, Smith Jr. and Pillman Jr. took turns holding Pentagon so that Hart could get some cheap shots in. But it wasn't for long as Pentagon reversed a whip and sent Hart face-first into the ring post and got his revenge on Pillman and Smith with some kicks and right hands.

Back on the apron, Pentagon reversed a Hart piledriver attempt and followed up with an unbelievable and brutal looking Canadian Destroyer to the ring apron! Pentagon quickly rolled the limp Hart back into the ring and followed up with a package piledriver but, amazingly, Hart kicked out at two.

Pentagon then followed up with another astonishing aerial attack as he dove off the middle rope. Hart was bending forward getting back to his feet, and in one fluid motion, Pentagon planted his feet by Hart's head, jumped, and hit another Canadian Destroyer. He dragged a lifeless Teddy Hart to the center of the ring -- but again Hart kicked out at two.

A “This is awesome” chant from the crowd started up again as Pentagon hit some hard chops to the “woo” of the crowd. Hart evaded an attack in the corner and followed up with a dropkick to make an opening for himself. He took full advantage of it with a big moonsault for a two count of his own.

A neckbreaker was followed up with a huge middle rope springboard moonsault elbow drop -- but again only received a two count. Pentagon then caught Hart in the corner and hit a hard superkick to the gut. He avoided some elbow strikes and in doing so wrapped Hart up before hitting him with a pumphandle slam, shifting mid-air into a modified Pentagon Driver! Hart kept himself alive in the match by just getting his shoulder up at the last moment.

Pentagon put Hart up on the top rope and looked like he was going for a German suplex -- but Hart fought out of it, knocked Pentagon off, and hit a rolling senton bomb to take back the advantage. He then quickly followed up with a top rope Canadian Destroyer and a springboard moonsault for another amazingly close two count.

Both wrestlers looked out of gas as the referee started the double down 10 count. Hart stumbled to the corner and began climbing. He wearily dove off looking for a tornado DDT, but Pentagon caught him and floored him after an arm ringer.

Pentagon looked for an armbar, but Hart slipped out and hit a lungblower, a cradle DDT, and finally a power bomb lungblower to pick up the win and wrap up this amazing matchup.

Next week --

  • Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Pillman Jr. in a Singapore cane match.
  • Low Ki vs. Fred Yehi
  • Dragon Lee vs. Rich Swann