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MLW One-Shot results: Ricochet vs. Strickland; Filthy Tom vs. Cobb


Images: JJ Williams

There were approximately 200 people in attendance at GILT Nightclub in Orlando, Florida for MLW One-Shot last night. The VOD of the show will be available this weekend on, with MLW announcing last night that they will return to Orlando on December 7th for a show called “Never Say Never.”

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- Tama Tonga defeated Martin Stone

Tonga wasn't advertised in advance for the show, so him appearing was a nice surprise. He hit the Gun Stun to win it.

- Seth Petruzelli & Rhett Giddins defeated Saive Al Sabah & Parrow

Petruzelli submitted Al Sabah with an armbar. After the match, Parrow powerbombed Al Sabah for losing.

- MJF defeated Jimmy Yuta

A low blow and a roll-up stole it for Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

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- Barrington Hughes defeated Markos Espada

The giant Hughes ran in and splashed the Anti Luchador in the corner for the 30 second squash.

- Darby Allin defeated Jason Cade

This was a good one with a lot of action and high flying. It ended when Allin used his Gibson leg lock pinning maneuver.

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- Santana Garrett defeated Mia Yim

They had a hard-hitting match that got some time, ending when Garrett hit a handspring moonsault for the win.

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- “Filthy” Tom Lawlor defeated Jeff Cobb

This was a physical match, with Cobb getting busted open at one point. He used huge throws throughout. For the finish, Lawlor was able to roll through and pin Cobb for the victory.

Lawlor issued a challenge to Matt Riddle for a future match, and Riddle tweeted that he'll face Lawlor on the December 7th MLW show.

- MVP defeated Sami Callihan

MVP and Callihan brawled all over the place, with chairs flying and Callihan running everywhere as they went at it. Callihan went for the Ballin' Elbow but was cut off, then MVP hit one of his own before winning with a fisherman suplex.

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- Shane “Swerve” Strickland defeated Ricochet

This was built and promoted as a main event and it delivered. The match went over 30 minutes and opened with a lot of mat work.

They worked a diverse style with levels of work. Ricochet went for high-flying moves and Strickland wanted to grab his arm for submission attempts. There were multiple sequences of rope running and transitions that were outstanding. They exchanged ferocious strikes and Ricochet’s chest was lit up.

For the finish, Strickland was able to avoid the 630 and the Benadryller before finally gaining control of the arm with a key lock for the submission victory.