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NEW Brass City Brawl results: Jon Moxley vs. Darby Allin


Submitted by Patrick Tobin

Headlined by Jon Moxley vs. Darby Allin, Northeast Wrestling's Brass City Brawl took place in Waterbury, Connecticut on Friday night.

- Hale Collins defeated Chris Battle

- Inzanely Rude (RJ Rude & Zane Bernardo) defeated The Amazing Graysons (Tommy & JP Grayson) and Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) in a three-way tag match

This was like a scramble match from a 15-year-old ROH show: all big moves, bigger dives, and creative double teams. The finish came when Bernardo did a top rope superplex on a Grayson, then Quen did a top-rope frankensteiner to Rude. Rude landed on top of Grayson, and while the ref counted it as a pin, Bernardo speared Quen so that Quen couldn't break the pin.

There were multiple "All these guys" chants during the match. Rude & Bernardo seem like they could go somewhere with a little more time.

- Renee Young was introduced (WWE announcers are allowed to make outside appearances). She came to the ring and introduced Flip Gordon, who was a surprise.

Gordon did a quick promo, he and Young threw some T-shirts into the crowd, and that was that.

- The Trustfund (Jimmy Preston & Ron Zombie) defeated The Perfect Gamble (Dexter Loux & Mike Gamble)

Preston pinned Loux.

- King Brian Anthony defeated Keith Youngblood

After the match, The Boogeyman came out and ran off King Brian and his cronies.

- Joey Janela defeated Brad Hollister in a no DQ match

Hollister looks kind of like if Taz had been a foot taller. This was not a crazy match at all by Janela's standards, but the crowd was still totally on board for it.

Janela and Hollister sat chairs across from each other and had an elbow duel. Janela hit a splash from a ladder for two. Hollister powerbombed Janela through the ladder.

The finish came when Janela did a sunset flip powerbomb from the top rope and slammed Hollister into the two chairs that had been set up across from each other.

- Penelope Ford defeated Alisha Edwards

Ford won with a diamond cutter. Just a match.

- NEW Champion JT Dunn defeated Wrecking Ball Legursky to retain his title

Dunn used to be Chris Hero's tag partner in Death by Elbow. Legursky is probably the top babyface out of NEW's regular roster. He's a big guy who works hard, but probably doesn't have the body to make it in WWE.

This was big guy vs. little guy, and it wasn't a half-bad match. Dunn escaped a superplex attempt by going between Legursky's legs and powerbombing him. Dunn then hit a rolling elbow in desperation and collapsed on top of him to retain.

Dunn isn't quite as good as Hero at timing the thigh slaps to make things sound devastating, but "not quite as good as Chris Hero" is still better than most people will ever be at it.

- Jon Moxley defeated Darby Allin

This went about 20 minutes. Moxley wasn't announced as the IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion and didn't have the belt with him. He got a gigantic reception.

Moxley worked as the heel in the match, but you couldn't have paid the crowd to boo him. He used his size advantage over Allin to play the bully.

Early in the match, Moxley was chopping Allin around ringside and Allin ducked, making Moxley chop the post. Throughout the match, they would go back to working Moxley's left hand whenever Allin was making a comeback, with Moxley selling it like he had a broken finger or something.

The pacing of the match was pretty relaxed, with Allin spending a lot of it selling like he'd been killed, and Moxley soaking up the crowd. Moxley threw Allin out of the ring at one point and Allin crashed right onto the timekeeper's table at ringside. The timekeeper and ring announcer very clearly were not expecting it.

Moxley got a table from underneath the ring and set it up in the corner. Allin caught him in a sleeper hold with a body scissors, but Moxley reversed it by running backwards into the table. The table didn't quite break on the first try, so Allin kept the choke on and they repeated the spot. The table broke the second time.

Moxley wedged a chair into one corner, but then Allin tricked him into running head-first into it.

Moxley retrieved tape from under the ring and used it to tie Allin's wrists behind his back. Allin then worked the match for a few minutes with his hands literally tied behind his back, including doing a tope con hilo to the outside with his hands tied up, which got maybe the biggest reaction of any single move.

Finally, Moxley caught Allin with the high-angle Dirty Deeds and pinned him.

I thought this was probably a ***1/2 match live, and I'd imagine it'd hold up the same on TV. They didn't go for an in-ring classic -- probably because they didn't need to with how over Moxley was with the crowd.

Moxley got on the mic after the match and cut a quick promo thanking the crowd, saying that people who go to see independent wrestling in high school gyms are the luckiest fans in the world, because they get to see the wrestlers who really care. He also put over Allin and said that Allin was going to be a very big name, very soon. He posed for a little bit longer and left.