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Northeast Wrestling Redemption results: Kenny Omega vs. Fenix


by Nick Mahmood

Here are results from yesterday's Northeast Wrestling Redemption show in Poughkeespie, New York.

- Hale Collins defeated Jake Manning, Keith Youngblood, Christian Casanova, Wrecking Ball Legursky and JT Dunn in a ladder match 

Great opener to get the crowd going, everyone used multiple ladders & tables and there were also some pretty vicious bumps on the ladder. Good spot to showcase some of the NEW guys.

- Katie Forbes defeated Karen Q 

Awful match. Q did fine, it's not her fault. Thankfully was short.

- Jerry Lawler defeated Brian Anthony in a No DQ Match

Not much, Lawler threw punches and threw a beer and water bottle at Anthony. Anthony's team of Daniel Evans and Anthony Battle came out and triple teamed Lawler until David Arquette ran out for a surprise appearance. He nailed a pretty good spear on Brian Anthony. Anthony Battle got hit with a fireball by Lawler. Battle got very close and the fireball really connected to his face, looked bad for him. Then Mick Foley came out and helped Lawler.

The three former world champions posed after. Arquette was super over.

- NEW Champion Brad Hollister defeated PCO 

Nice match, a bit short but a nice showcase for Brad. PCO was very over, but the crowd liked Brad too. Brad kicked out off a top rope moonsault.

- Pentagon Jr. defeated Darby Allin 

Pentagon Jr. won after the arm break and package piledriver. Allin was just plain nuts, did two trust falls. Penta landed a Canadian Destroyer on the ring apron. Allin was thrown into the corner and he slipped right through the top and middle and landed on the ring announcer. Reminded me a bit of the old Chris Hamrick spot. I'd recommend to go out of your way to watch this.

- RVD defeated Jack Swagger 

RVD scored the win after a Five Star Frog Splash. Terrible match. A lot of stalling by Rob early on. He wasn't playing heel, he just didn't do anything. Swagger eventually went after him. Crowd was booing. Swagger got busted open after Rob dropkicked a chair into Swagger. They tried to win the fans back by brawling up the stage, but didn't work.

Swagger was pissed after the match, tossing the bell table.

- Kenny Omega defeated Fenix 

Omega pinned Fenix after a One Winged Angel. Obviously the best match of the night. Don't know the exact time, but went a decent amount. Definitely worth watching. So many different sequences that just were fantastic. I didn't think it was as good as Omega vs. Pentagon.

Kenny was on the microphone after the match and apologized for NJPW not coming to the northeast, and said he couldn't turn down this opportunity. Mentioned there were certain people not happy with him wrestling the AAA champion. Omega just has the presence where you feel like you're watching something special.