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NWA Power results: Adonis vs. Latimer vs. Parrow

NWA Power Episode 32: Adonis vs. Latimer vs. Parrow

Kyle Davis started the show with Strictly Business to talk about the main event triple threat with Parrow, Adonis, and Latimer where the winner would advance to face JTG next week for the National title. They talked about having the advantage in the match, but Kamille criticized Corgan for making the triple threat. Aldis insisted this was Corgan staking the odds against Strictly Business.

--May Valentine was with the War Kings. Crimson talked about his upcoming match with Slice Boogie.

The Mystery Man defeated Mims

There’s something familiar about the Mystery Man, but I can’t put my finger on it. I’m deliberately avoiding looking up who he is to let them tell their story, but I feel like I’ve seen him before. He looked good in this match, despite it being a little slower.

This marked the debut of the masked man we have seen in recent weeks. Early on, he showed some great technique in his wrestling, managing to ground Mims. Right after I wrote that, Tim Storm said it, so we’re on the same page. Mystery Man hit a huge back suplex on Mims and some hard strikes.

Mims was never completely out of it in this match, but Mystery Man was clearly the more experienced grappler with his ability, making Mims pay for every misstep. Mims made a comeback and got a Big Strong Boy chant before hitting a big splash. Mystery Man responded with a sling blade and a Death Valley Driver and scored the pinfall.

--BLKJeez and Jordan Clearwater were with Kyle Davis. Jeez promised that they had a plan for their upcoming match.

Tyrus (with Austin Idol) defeated BLKJeez & Jordan Clearwater

What was this? What? Why?

The match started, and Jeez laid down. He asked Clearwater to lay down, and Clearwater refused. Jeez tried to convince him to do it, and he eventually did. They stayed down, and Tyrus pinned them. What?

--Thunder Rosa & Serena Deeb were with Kyle Davis, and the crowd popped huge for Rosa. Deeb and Rosa had some tension between each other, as Deeb defeated Rosa for the title. Deeb said she wanted her rematch for the title, and Rosa said that she should be the number 1 contender. It looks like we are getting Rosa and Deeb in a singles match soon.

Serena Deeb indicated that she wanted to mentor someone like Kylie Rae, who came out. She talked about how great Deeb and Rosa are, and she was happy to be there with them. Rosa indicated she wanted to mentor. Melina came out, thinking it was her, but she was wrong. It was Skye Blue. This broke down into a brawl. This was a bit of a mess of a segment.

--May Valentine was with Taryn Terrell and Jennacide. Taryn said they were overlooking Jennacide. Terrell called AEW “AWE” and made a weird analogy about rock hard pillows.

Crimson (w/ Jax Dane) defeated Slice Boogie w/ Marche Rocket in a No DQ Grudge Match

This wasn’t a bad match. Crimson is far better than his TNA days, and Boogie is quite good. I’m a bit tired of the “Will they get along?!” storylines in the tag division as we have two of those going now.

Crimson went right after Boogie, beating him around the ring and ringside. As Crimson came back into the ring, Boogie kicked the middle rope to low blow Crimson, and hit an axe kick for a pinfall attempt.

Crimson, using his experience and power, was able to make a bit of a comeback, but Boogie hit a tornado inverted DDT for a 2 count. Boogie grabbed a chair and set it up in the corner between the middle and top rope. Crimson reversed an Irish whip into a suplex on Boogie and sent Boogie to the floor.

Crimson whipped Boogie with his belt around ringside. Boogie tried for a low blow, but Crimson hit a Death Valley Driver. He stopped the pinfall and went for the chair. Dane told him he didn’t need the chair, and he wasn’t happy with it, but Crimson listened and hit a Death Valley Driver for the pinfall.

--Aron Stevens and Trevor Murdoch were on commentary for this match, as they were both NWA National Champions. Apparently, Stevens broke Velvet Sky’s chair and was left near the floor. It was a comedy bit, but it made me laugh.

NWA National Title qualifier: Chris Adonis defeated Thom Latimer and Parrow

Decent main event here, with the story of the match being Latimer and Adonis both wanting to win, but especially making sure that Parrow didn’t win. Parrow looked like a beast in the match, but he couldn’t overcome the odds, and in the end, Adonis used his brain to win. To be fair, he tricked Bram, so that doesn’t sound too difficult.

Adonis and Latimer spent the early parts of the match double teaming Parrow, sending him to the floor after a bit, and deciding to wrestle each other fair and square to see who the better man was, but they were giving Parrow time to recover.

Every time Parrow came back into the match, Latimer and Adonis would send him back to the floor. Problems between Adonis and Latimer began to escalate when Latimer tried to pin Parrow and Adonis broke it up. Parrow took advantage of this and started throwing both men around. He hit the Parrow Driver on Adonis, but Latimer broke it up.

Parrow made Latimer pay with a powerbomb for a two count. Strictly Business hit a double superplex on Parrow, and then when Latimer went up top for a moonsault, Adonis stole the pin by pinning Parrow. Latimer was angry, but Adonis promised that Latimer would get the first shot.

Adonis moves on to face JTG next week for the National title!

Final Thoughts:

Solid, if unspectacular, episode of NWA Power this week. The National title was the main storyline, and Aron Stevens was great on commentary in particular, selling the importance of the match and the history of the wrestlers involved.

I’m looking forward to Adonis against JTG next week, but I also want to see the next chapter in Murdoch’s story start to move forward. Hopefully, we’ll see that addressed a bit more. It’s clear that Thunder Rosa is, by far, their biggest star. She got a huge pop from the studio audience, and having them back shows her time in AEW is also quite effective in getting her over.

The women’s division clearly has a few aces up their sleeve over the next few months, as even though the angle with them tonight was a bit poorly executed (especially when Melina arrived), there are still some very interesting matches that were set up.