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NWA Power results: Melina vs. Kylie Rae

NWA Power Episode 33: Melina vs. Kylie Rae

NWA Power opened with Joe Galli breaking some news. He announced the Champion’s Series, a points-based tournament starting on July 13th. More news on how the tournament is going to work will be forthcoming.

Jennacide (with Taryn Terrell) defeated Lady Frost

This wasn’t bad. Lady Frost looked quite good, and it’s clear that they’re trying to make Jennacide a star. She is still quite green, but there is a lot of potential there, and she has a great look too.

Frost was given quite a bit in this little match, but she stood out and looked great. Jennacide was able to turn the match around when Terrell distracted the referee and Jennacide knocked Frost off the top rope.

Jennacide worked over Frost with armlocks, keeping her grounded. Every time Frost went to escape, Frost was able to go back to the arm. Frost hit a big spinning kick, but Jennacide caught her on the ropes and hit a tombstone (Jenna 9000) for the pinfall.

--Sal Rinauro won a TV title #1 contender match against PJ Hawx and Colby Corino, which happened on something called NWA High Voltage. I had no idea this existed until they mentioned it here, and they showed highlights. I managed to find the match on YouTube. I figured this was going to be on Power when they built it a few weeks ago.

Rinauro cut a great promo about how all he needed was 3 seconds to become the TV Champion, and that while Pope was a great champion, he was coming for it. Colby Corino attacked him from behind and went to give him a brainbuster on the apron, but Rinauro’s feet hit the ropes on the way down, which caused both of them to crash to the floor, and both men hit really hard. That was brutal, I hope they’re okay.

--Austin Idol and Tyrus came out. Idol buried Rinauro and Corino, saying Tyrus is the real star. Pope came out, and since his match was canceled with Rinauro, he decided he was going to fight him right now, putting the title on the line. Idol kept Tyrus back and said it would be on their time.

Aron Stevens stepped in with a match that was unannounced for the crowd due to Rinauro’s injury.

Aron Stevens, Mims, & Captain YUMA vs.  Kratos, PJ Hawx, & Luke Hawx went to a no contest

Well, this was interesting from a story perspective with Kratos and Stevens actually smiling and getting along with each other. Honestly, I hope they don’t break up as a team. I really like the dynamic of Stevens being a nice guy and Kratos being a miserable monster, but somehow make the team work. I hope that continues. I think La Rebelion vs. Stevens & Kratos will be great.

Joe Galli said that Kratos and Stevens came up with this match when the injury happened as a make-good. Kratos and Stevens fist-bumped, but Kratos didn’t fist bump the others. Stevens and Kratos went to a neutral corner, discussing the match and smiling. I sense trouble brewing, as Kratos is way too happy.

Mims and Luke Hawx started the match, and Mims used hit size and power to keep the veteran down. Mims tagged Stevens in, even though he was at the wrong turnbuckle because he was holding the tag rope. Stevens did a few spots with Hawx before PJ Hawx and YUMA were in.

YUMA wanted Kratos, and he tagged in, but he looked like he would rather stay in the corner chatting with Stevens. YUMA must have a death wish, as Kratos no-sold a shoulder tackle. Kratos murdered YUMA with a forearm, and the massacre began, as he threw YUMA across the ring with a suplex.

La Rebelion came out and mocked the match in the ring saying that the teams involved were making a mockery of the titles and the sport. Kratos did not look pleased. La Rebelion attacked YUMA, and the ref threw the match out. La Rebellion then attacked Kratos. All 6 men were not pleased and chased them off.

--Jax Dane and Crimson were with May Valentine. Dane talked about how he thought Crimson went too far in his match with Slice Boogie last week, and they promised to address the issue live in front of fans at Power soon.

--JTG and Chris Adonis joined Kyle Davis at the podium to discuss their upcoming NWA National Championship match. JTG reminded everyone that he was there for gold, and that anyone in his way is in a very unlucky position.

Adonis said he was ready for war, and that the NWA National title is a title that he never lost, so he is going to do what it takes to win it back, and his insurance policy of Strictly Business was there to help him. Fred Rosser came out and said he was going to back JTG up.

--The Mystery Man was with May Valentine and continued to say his identity did not need to be known right now. He talked about how he dedicated his life to wrestling, and he is here because he believes he is the best technical wrestler in the world, and he wanted to become a champion, and his identity didn’t matter.

--Thunder Rosa told May Valentine that she was going to stay out of Melina’s match with Kylie Rae tonight.

Kylie Rae defeated Melina

Melina got booed by the audience despite being a babyface in recent weeks. Rae was cheered quite a bit, and Melina worked this match as a heel, so that feels like a phantom heel turn. I hate that. This was a good match by Melina standards, so it was fine. Rae looked fantastic in the match, she’s an exceptional worker.

Melina tried to ground Rae, but Rae was able to counter every move. Rae offered a handshake, but Melina hit some hard forearms and started striking Rae hard, including poking the eyes. Melina hit a DDT for a near fall, but Rae kicked out. Rae spun out of an inverted DDT position and hit a superkick on Melina for the pinfall. The show went off the air as Rae celebrated, winning clean as a sheet.