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Ospreay & PAC teaming together at RevPro WrestleMania week show


Will Ospreay and PAC will be sharing the ring together over WrestleMania week -- but they'll be doing so as teammates.

Revolution Pro Wrestling announced today that Ospreay & PAC will face CCK (Chris Brookes & Jonathan Gresham) at their WrestleMania week show in New York City on Friday, April 5. The show is presented by WrestleCon and will take place at the Hilton New York Midtown Ballroom. The start time is 3 p.m. Eastern.

Ospreay & PAC vs. CCK stems from the story of Ospreay and PAC's first-ever match against each other from RevPro's High Stakes event last week. Brookes and Gresham interfered and attacked Ospreay while the referee was down. Brookes went to hit Ospreay with PAC's Dragon Gate Open the Dream Gate title belt, but PAC stopped him. Ospreay and PAC briefly worked together to take out CCK.

Ospreay and PAC's match at High Stakes ended in a 30-minute time-limit draw. PAC escaped a Storm Breaker and low blowed Ospreay near the finish. PAC wanted the referee to call for the disqualification, but he let the match continue. PAC then went up to hit the Black Arrow, but he opted to celebrate instead as time expired.

The crowd chanted for five more minutes after Ospreay vs. PAC. Ospreay called for it too, but PAC headed to the back.