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OTT Fourth Year Anniversary results: WALTER vs. Will Ospreay


Submitted by Eione Burke

OTT Wrestling's Fourth Anniversary Show took place at National Stadium in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday.

- OTT Gender Neutral Champion LJ Cleary defeated Paddy M, Rocky Romero, Raven Creed, and Gino Gambino to retain his title

- OTT Tag Team Champions Kings of the North defeated More Than Hype to retain their titles

There was lots of local support for More Than Hype. The match started fast with a surprise set of dropkicks from More Than Hype, then moved to a brawl to the outside and then back in the ring. Kings of the North then took over until Nathan Martin went psycho for a comeback.

Darren Kearney locked in a half crab submission, but there was a referee distraction and Kearney was hit with a belt shot. The Kings retained with a roll-up. Good match.

- Hirooki Goto & Sean Guinness defeated Satoshi Kojima & Michael May

Lots of bread-related chants and some bread tossed into the ring due to Kojima being the leader of Bread Club. Goto and Kojima started with a nice technical exchange. May and Guinness then tagged in and did a series of acrobatic pinning attempts before Guinness appealed for silence and began a stinging exchange of slaps.

Goto noted this and tagged in, delivering his own version to a loud reaction. Kojima, not to be left out, tagged in and delivered about a dozen rapid fire comedy chops to Goto in the corner to a loud reaction. Kojima played very well to the crowd throughout, but Goto pinned May with a reverse GTR into a GTR.

There was a big reaction for Kojima at the end. There was bread tossed in the ring, May presented a slice to Kojima, and Kojima ate it in the ring to a huge pop.

- Scotty Davis defeated Mark Davis

There were "let's go Davis/Davis sucks" chants to start. Mark played the big bruising heel -- and Scotty was the nimble technician. That included Mark holding the much smaller Scotty in a very long vertical suplex. They had a good, solid match. There was again some stinging chops from Mark, but Scotty won via submission.

Mark attacked Scotty after the match.

- The Gymnasties defeated Angel Cruzers & Jimmy Havoc

 A funny Angel Cruzers video segment aired at the start. They entered, then Havoc’s video hit and the crowd went nuts. The match started with plenty of plunder being employed outside the ring and then inside. The match hit a lull until Havoc brought out the thumbtacks, sprinkling them on the center of the ring. They did reversals of moves to avoid being slammed on the thumbtacks until one of the Gymnasties landed on them.

They brawled to the outside and onto the entrance stage. Angel Cruz headed backstage and returned with two light tubes, but he missed his strike and accidentally hit Havoc. The action returned to the ring, where Angel Cruz gave the Shield powerbomb to the Gymnasties with the aid of valets.

A bleeding Jimmy Havoc arrived, blasted Cruz with the light tube, and the Gymnasties got the win. Havoc then beat up Cruz in the aftermath.

- Tomohiro Ishii defeated KUSHIDA

Ishii is just great. Both guys got a huge reaction, and they had a very good match. A few slight botches turned into the story of the match with KUSHIDA targeting Ishii’s arm, so Ishii struggled to perform certain moves. There was amazing subtle selling by Ishii throughout.

Ishii toughed it out and won with a brainbuster.

- Tetsuya Naito, EVIL & SANADA defeated Shane Strickland, Bandido & Flamita

Strickland, Bandido, and Flamita got a big reaction, but it felt like the roof almost blew off when LIJ made their entrance. Naito messed with the referee a bit to start, having him hold the ropes for him and then rolling in instead and slowly disrobing and squaring off to the ref before the opening bell.

The crowd reacted massively throughout. It started with an incredibly fast pace, with them doing lots of very nimble exchanges. SANADA tied up Flamita with a Paradise Lock into a dropkick. There was a "one more time" chant from the crowd -- and SANADA obliged. There was a second "one more time" chant -- and SANADA apologized and tagged in Naito.

They brawled through the aisle in three different directions at one point and Naito briefly opened an umbrella. Naito hit the Destino on Flamita and handed him over to SANADA, who locked in the Skull End for the win.

Naito grabbed Flamita's mask and wore it as a hat in triumph. Strickland appealed for its return, but Naito refused and they limped to the back while LIJ basked in the cheers.

- Minoru Suzuki defeated Timothy Thatcher

Suzuki entered to a huge reaction and a thunderous Kaze Ni Nare. The crowd was 100 percent behind Suzuki, who played the wily veteran to Thatcher's bigger grappler. They did several long exchanges of holds with Suzuki's experience coming out on top. They also did blistering exchanges of blows where it ended up with Suzuki leveling the larger Thatcher to a big reaction.

The finish was Suzuki hitting the Gotch piledriver. He left to cheers and another Kaze Ni Nare.

- OTT Champion WALTER defeated Will Ospreay to retain his title

A vignette played to start with Ospreay selling the match hard. Ospreay came out to a big reaction, and the crowd was very hot at this point. Ospreay attempted to avoid being controlled by WALTER. He kept the match at a rapid pace and avoided WALTER's chops until WALTER hit a mid-air one.

The match had consistent strong crowd reaction throughout. They did a huge number of standout spots, Ospreay went for a Rainmaker and WALTER no sold it, knocked Ospreay down, and did the Rainmaker pose to boos. WALTER went for a ripcord chop later, which Ospreay reversed into a Rainmaker, maintained wrist control, and went for another.

There was a false finish where it looked like WALTER pinned Ospreay, but Ospreay got his foot on the ropes and the ref restarted the match. Ospreay got two incredible near falls off an OsCutter and top rope powerbomb that had everyone on their feet counting. WALTER locked in a sleeper to Ospreay and they did the hand drop spot that Ospreay hulked up out of. WALTER ended up retaining to a chorus of boos. 

I'd rate the main event 4.75 stars.