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Pivotshare launches Powerslam Wrestling Network


It wasn’t that long ago when FloSports started an independent streaming service with grandiose plans, which collapsed quickly for a number of reasons.

The goals were too big, and more importantly, it was announced before it had key deals in place. And the key deals it needed to get, they never got. Hoping for tens of thousands of subscribers with EVOLVE as your home company just wasn’t going to cut it, and with just a few thousand subscribers, FloSports closed the entire pro wrestling division

This week, Pivotshare, which has deals with more than 100 companies in 15 countries, is trying to do what FloSlam failed, which is to be the destination for independent wrestling, with the creation of the Powerslam Wrestling Network.

The key differences are that Pivotshare already has deals in place with a number of promotions, and that they are starting out with a $5.99 per month price as opposed to the $20 per month price that FloSlam charged. They, being around wrestling for four years, also have a better idea of the independent marketplace.

"We wanted to create a channel that was going to not only help our partner-promotions generate revenue, but to also reach a huge new audience through super-serving wrestling fans around the globe," said Chris Woolsey, Pivotshare’s head of Publisher Relations. "It seems like
many of the other streaming options in the market aren’t really delivering on their promises of revenue. We wanted to create something that can grow along with the great brands we work with. We think wrestling content is valuable, and our partners should receive real revenue from their hard work."

The service will be launching immediately on iOS and Android devices, as well as Apple TV, Roku Channels, Amazon Channels and at the portal They expect to release 40 to 50 events per month. At launch, there will be deals with 75 different promotions and 2,000
hours of archived content.

Pivotshare comes into the game with experience in wrestling, as the host site for ICW, Demand Progress, Rev Pro, Pro Wrestling Eve, Over the Top, Smash Wrestling, AAW, Bar Wrestling, wXw, CZW, Defy, Preston City Wrestling, and Highspots wrestling, which releases the PWG tapes as well as some great documentaries (including the Bruiser Brody documentary that was among the best released in recent years), talk shows and their own annual WrestleMania week show which is one of the best collections of talent on shows that you’ll get all year.

Pivotshare started in 2012, working with content creators in fitness, eSports, and sound engineering, and came to pro wrestling in 2014 with the Scotland-based Insane Championship Wrestling. They now work with independent promotions in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Portugal, Chile, Taiwan, and Dubai.

They said that new content will be released as soon as the promotions put it up. There will be both live events broadcast as well as shows put up on a delay, depending on the style of the promotion.

Among the initial list of promotions or companies involved are:

United States: AAW, AML, Angel Gate, Backbreaker Media, BAR Wrestling, Battle Club Pro, Capitol Wrestling, CZW, Defy, DOA, ECWA, FEST, Glory Pro, Heel/Face Wrestling,, Hogtown Wrestling, Ignite Wrestling, MCW Rage, Monster Factory, NWL, Ohio Wrestling Association, PCW Ultra, Pro Wrestling Empire, Pro Wrestling Freedom, PWX Pittsburgh, Pro Wrestling Syndicate, Prodigy Pro, RF, Rockstar Pro, Sabotage Wrestling, Steel Domain, Title Match Pro Wrestling, UWA Elite, Vanguard Championship Wrestling, WSU, Wrestlecade, WrestlePro, and the American WXW.

United Kingdom: 3CW, British Empire Wrestling, Compound Wrestling, IPW UK, Insane Championship Wrestling, North Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling, Pro Wrestling: Eve, Revolution Pro, and Riptide Wrestling.

Ireland: Celtic Championship Wrestling, Over the Top.

Canada: Deathproof Wrestling, Demand Lucha, ECCW, Pontarollo Productions, Smash Wrestling, and Victory Commonwealth Wrestling.

Other: Dubai Pro Wrestling, German Wrestling Promotion, Hughes Academy of New Zealand, ICW Italy, Legion Lucha Libre from Chile, Melbourne City Wrestling of Australia, Revolucion Lucha Libre from Chile, SPW from New Zealand, Universal Fight Network from Australia, Whitewolf Wrestling from Spain, Wrestling Kult from Germany, and WSW from Portugal.