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PROGRESS Chapter 100 results: Jim Smallman's farewell

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PROGRESS Wrestling presented its fourth annual "Unboxing Live" mystery show at the Electric Ballroom in London on Monday.

The event also happened to be the historic 100th chapter show for the promotion and was co-founder Jim Smallman's final PROGRESS show before leaving the company. Here are the results:

- Pre-show: Jerry Bakewell & Mercedes Blaze defeated Cassius & Nye-Oh

- Roy Johnson issued a Wasteman Challenge (a comedy rap battle). The challenge was answered by Ligero, Scotty Davis, Chris Ridgeway, The Anti-Fun Police, Gene Munny, and Kid Lykos.

After winning the rap battle, Lykos was allowed to pick the stipulation for a multi-man match. The crowd erupted when Smallman revealed that Lykos had chosen a reverse battle royal. This prompted an appearance from Travis Banks' alter-ego, "Stupid Sexy Trav."

- Chief Deputy Dunne won the reverse battle royal

This was a lot of fun. PROGRESS have often joked about doing a reverse battle royal where competitors are eliminated after being thrown into the ring. Dunne eliminated PROGRESS Tag Team Champion Scotty Davis to win the match.

- Ilja Dragunov defeated Kyle Fletcher

Dragunov got the win with a Torpedo Moscow running uppercut. This was exceptional. Dragunov and Fletcher were very evenly matched throughout and there were a lot of kickouts as a result. 

- PROGRESS Unified World Champion Eddie Dennis defeated The OJMO to retain his title

Dennis pushed The OJMO into the referee on multiple occasions. The first time, it favored The OJMO as he got the visual pinfall victory with a frog splash. The second time, Dennis capitalized and pinned The OJMO after hitting the Next Stop Driver.

- PROGRESS Women's Champion Jinny came down to the ring and said that she was supposed to face Toni Storm, but Storm was unfortunately unable to wrestle due to illness.

Jinny then cut a fiery promo in which she highlighted the importance of the women's division in PROGRESS' history and promised to become the focal point of the promotion in 2020.

- Cara Noir defeated Paul Robinson, Connor Mills, and Mark Haskins in a four-way match

This match was not for Robinson's Proteus Championship. Noir got the pinfall victory after hitting Mills with a package piledriver. The PROGRESS fans gave Haskins a hero's welcome as he returned to the Electric Ballroom.

- Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) defeated Dan Moloney & Rampage Brown

The crowd went wild for Rampage Brown's return, especially so as he entered to his original copyrighted theme song. He had a hard-hitting chop battle with Seven and displayed tremendous power at the expense of Bate.

Moustache Mountain hit a knee-assisted Birminghammer on Moloney and Seven picked up the win by pinfall.

- Jimmy Havoc defeated David Starr in a death match

Havoc entered to his copyrighted theme song, which generated an incredible atmosphere at the Electric Ballroom. The match was gruesome -- thumbtacks, chopsticks, and barbed wire boards were all used and both Starr and Havoc were busted open early on.

Havoc hit a brutal piledriver off the apron through a table on the outside and eventually got the win with an Acid Rainmaker. 

The show ended with Smallman thanking the crowd one last time and hugging PROGRESS co-owners and NXT UK colleagues Glen Joseph and Jon Briley on the stage. Smallman will be greatly missed by the PROGRESS fans, but an exciting new era of PROGRESS awaits.

PROGRESS returns to the Electric Ballroom on Sunday, January 19. Cara Noir will challenge Eddie Dennis for the Unified World Championship on the show.