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PROGRESS Chapter 55 results: Pete Dunne vs. Travis Banks


Report submitted by reader Daniel Watson. Image: PROGRESS Wrestling.

PROGRESS Wrestling presented their biggest show of the year on Sunday night, headlined by Super Strong Style 16 tournament winner Travis Banks getting his shot at Pete Dunne's PROGRESS title. Here's a rundown of the event:

- #CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos) defeated British Strong Style (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) in a ladder match to win the PROGRESS tag titles

This match was action-packed from the opening bell. There were lots of crazy spots and bumps, including a few flip dives from #CCK and Bate's amazing Undertaker-style dive over the top rope.

The finish came after Bate and Brookes fought on top of the ladder. Bate went to hit the Tyler Driver '97 off the top of the ladder onto another one that was bridged on the bottom rung of the ladder and the bottom rope, but Brookes fought him off and backdropped Bate over and onto the ladder set up at the bottom.

Brookes then grabbed the belts for #CCK to win the titles.

- PROGRESS Women's Champion Toni Storm defeated Dahlia Black to retain her title

Both exchanged holds and chain wrestled to start. Black looked impressive with a cannonball and kicked out of Storm's Strong Zero, but Storm came back with multiple piledrivers to retain in a good match.

Jinny attacked Black with a chair after and started stomping it into her previously injured leg.

- Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Marty Scurll

This was a great match. Making his first PROGRESS appearance in a while, Scurll answered what had been advertised as an open challenge by Sabre to a huge pop. Scurll used his umbrella to hit Sabre before the match started and they exchanged strikes, slaps, chops, forearms, and brutal submissions.

Sabre was going after Scurll's arm and bending it in horrible positions as usual. Scurll got a modified chicken wing with Sabre's legs tied up, then ZSJ snuck the pin with his bridging roll-up.

Post-match, Scurll thanked the fans and said he wouldn't be back for a long time due to his commitments in the USA.

- It was announced between matches that PROGRESS would be holding a show at Wembley Arena in London on September 30th, 2018. This was a huge announcement for British wrestling and the fans went crazy for it. The arena is the same venue where NXT TakeOver: London took place.

- Jimmy Havoc defeated Mark Haskins in a deathmatch

They got off to a quick start and this was hard-hitting and bloody. Havoc was bleeding early on from shots with a frying pan. There were some insane spots, including a Death Valley Driver from Haskins to Havoc off the stage and through a table. Havoc also hit a powerbomb on Haskins through a cinder block set up between two chairs.

Haskins' wife Vicky came out and gave him a barbwire bat to use, which was brutal. Thumbtacks and staple guns were involved as well. The finish came when Havoc hit Haskins with an Acid Rainmaker with the barbwire bat and a normal Rainmaker for the three count.

- WALTER defeated Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher to win the Atlas Division Championship

WALTER became a two-time Atlas Division Champion in what was a contender for match of the night. All three men were exchanging chops, European uppercuts, kicks, and suplexes. There was an incredible spot where WALTER double German suplexed both Riddle and Thatcher, with Riddle landing high and hard on his shoulder.

Riddle went for a tombstone on WALTER, but he countered it into a sit-out tombstone piledriver/Steiner Screwdriver-esque move to win the title from Riddle.

- Mark Andrews defeated Eddie Dennis, Flash Morgan Webster, James Drake, Zack Gibson, Chief Deputy Dunne, Jack Sexsmith, and Strangler Davis in an eight-man scramble number one contender's match

Really fun match that was fast-paced throughout. Andrews hit his shooting star press on Webster to get the victory.

Webster teased a heel turn on Andrews after the match but shook his hand instead, then a shocker came when Dennis (Andrews' long-time partner and friend for years) turned on him and laid him out with his finisher.

- Travis Banks defeated Pete Dunne to win the PROGRESS World Championship

The emotion was high in this one. Banks started quickly with a running clothesline, chops, and a cannonball in the corner. Dunne played his heel role expertly, interacting with the crowd and hitting Pedigrees. There were some brutal apron bumps with Dunne hitting a Pedigree and Banks hitting his Kiwi Crusher.

Trent Seven and Tyler Bate got involved by hitting sledgehammer shots and finishers, but Banks still kicked out. Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos came out to make the save and fight off Seven and Bate. The second rope had broken at some point, but they still dove over the top rope onto them.

Banks made Dunne tap out to his submission finisher to become the new PROGRESS Champion. The fans erupted with cheers as he won.