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PROGRESS Chapter 97 results: Meiko Satomura defends her title

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PROGRESS Wrestling returned to its home at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London on Sunday for the first time since the company’s biggest show of the year, which took place at Alexandra Palace.

Here are the results from Sunday's show:

- Mark Andrews defeated Connor Mills

Andrews got the win with a low blow. PROGRESS Unified World Champion Eddie Dennis interfered on multiple occasions, giving Andrews the advantage. 

After the match, Dennis and Andrews beat down Mills. The OJMO and David Starr made the save. While stood on the stage after a brawl, Dennis promised Starr a Unified World Title opportunity “at some point in the foreseeable future,” providing Starr could beat an opponent of Dennis’ choosing. Starr’s opponent was chosen to be The OJMO. 

- Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley) defeated Jordon Breaks & Sid Scala

Breaks’ partner was originally meant to be Darrell Allen, but was replaced by Sid Scala due to Allen’s absence. 

- The NIC were set to face Do Not Resuscitate in a match, but a video message from Spike Trivet introducing Pretty Deadly as backup for DnR quickly led to a five-on-two beatdown and the match never got underway. 

- Cara Noir defeated Ilja Dragunov

This was a rematch from Chapter 96. Noir got the win by catching Dragunov’s Torpedo Moscow running uppercut into a rear naked choke. 

- PROGRESS Women's Champion Meiko Satomura defeated Dani Luna to retain her title

This was Satomura’s first title defense since her crowning at Chapter 95. A Death Valley Driver got her the victory. 

- PROGRESS Proteus Champion Paul Robinson defeated "Present" William Eaver to retain his title

Per the champion’s stipulation, the match could only be won by knockout or submission. Robinson retained the title with multiple curb stomps, causing a TKO. 

- David Starr defeated The OJMO

Starr earned another PROGRESS Unified World Championship opportunity as a result. A draping DDT followed by a Han Stansen lariat got him the win. 

PROGRESS returns to the Electric Ballroom on Sunday, November 24 for Chapter 98, featuring the return of Timothy Thatcher.