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PROGRESS-EVOLVE NYC results: TK Cooper suffers an injury

Matt Riddle

Image: WhatCulture

Submitted by reader Sidney Pullar III from the Elmcor Center in Queens, NY


- ACH vs. Ethan Page

Since these two are affectionately being known as The Troll Boyz, they came out together even though they were wrestling each other to their Troll Boyz theme in the tune of Bad Boyz. This was a pure and simple comedy match trolling on different types of wrestling from catch to highflying to strong style. The finish came on a Drizzle-maker where Page went for the Rainmaker and ACH fell before he even landed it for the win. Not for everyone but funny overall.

- Timothy Thatcher (w/Stokely Hathaway) vs. Darby Allin

Nice match with strength and submissions vs highflying daredevil style. Allin pulled out the win with a leg lock into a pin combination. After the match, Thatcher and Hathaway had a discussion and staredown which ended with them hugging and Stokely begging Thatcher not to go.

- EVOLVE Tag Team Champions Anthony Henry & James Drake vs. Fred Yehi & Jason Kincaid

Good back and forth match. A little sloppy at times, but a lot of high risk offense and double team maneuvers throughout. The Troll Boyz joined commentary, possibly teasing them going after the tag titles. The story was about Yehi & Kincaid being less experienced as a team than Henry & Drake which winded up costing them. The highlight spot featured a struggle on the top between Drake & Kincaid which ended with Kincaid hitting a sunset flip powerbomb on Drake to the floor onto both Henry & Yehi. Henry got the win with a huge moonsault on Kincaid. After the match, Kincaid and Yehi had a heated staredown which ended with them shaking hands.

- Austin Theory (w/Priscilla Kelly) vs. Mark Haskins

Huge pop for the UK’s own Haskins. Kelly got involved a lot, but in the end Haskins got the win by submission tapping Theory out.

- Catch Point (Jaka and Chris Dinkinson) vs South Pacific Power Trip (Travis Banks and T.K. Cooper) w/Dahlia Black

This is a rematch from Mercury Rising 2017 which started a lot of the buzz around these two teams. Great back and forth tag team contest with many cool spots, reversals and counters from both teams throughout. Jaka and Dinkinson won the match after hitting their finisher, The Death Trap. 

- Fatal 4 Way Match for the WWN Championship: Matt Riddle (c) vs Tracy Williams w/Stokely Hathaway vs PROGRESS Atlas Champion WALTER vs Keith Lee

This started with a staredown with the Big Lads, WALTER and Keith Lee which was broken up by Williams and Riddle. Williams played the a-hole who tried to pick the scraps and sneak out a win. WALTER played the role of destroyer, brutalizing the other 3 with chops and throws around the ring. Lee was his usual amazing self, showing off his charisma, strength and athleticism including the spot of the match in which WALTER attempted a German suplex on Riddle where Lee came behind WALTER and gave both men a German that almost flipped Riddle out of the ring.

Riddle was the never say die face in this match, taking punishment from all and never backing down until it came down to him and Williams in which he reversed a crossface into the Bromission for the win. Overall a great display from all four men and match of the night. Post match, Lee teased a heel turn as he once again hesitated to give Riddle a fist bump. Riddle also offered WALTER a fist bump which he walked away from previewing their match later at PROGRESS.

There was about 150-200 people for the EVOLVE portion of the show, but an hour later, it was standing room only (1500 or so) with no a/c which made for tough conditions.


Jim Smallman came out to kick off the show to a huge pop and loud “This Is PROGRESS” chants. After welcoming us, the crowd started a “Please Come Back” chant which Jim responded that it was first time he heard that two minutes into the show. He then introduced the WWE UK and PROGRESS Champion Pete Dunne who came out for a promo informing us of his injury and being off tonight’s show. He cut a fantastic heel promo claiming to own PROGRESS, the WWE and NYC.

This brought out 205 Live’s own "Gentleman" Jack Gallagher who was supposed to fight Dunne tonight. He wanted to shake Dunne’s hand and do their match at a future date but Dunne left after smacking Jack’s hand away. Zach Gibson came out to interrupt Gallagher to huge heat and very loud “Zach is Crap” chants. His promo led into the first match:

- "Gentleman" Jack Gallagher vs Zach Gibson

Good match with excellent psychology throughout. Jack got the win with his corner dropkick followed by a top rope elbow drop.

- Deonna Purazzo & Jinny vs Dahlia Black & Dakota Kai

This was a auality ladies tag match with some good heat for Jinny and a helluva pop for the duo of Black & Kai. Very good match with Purazzo getting the win with a hanging neckbreaker.

- PROGRESS Atlas Division #1 Contenders Match: Donovan Dijak vs Timothy Thatcher (w/Stokely Hathaway)

Good technical affair with Dijak as the standout, showing off his amazing athleticism. Thatcher focused on the arm for the match and after a Hathaway distraction got the win with Fujiuwa Armbar.

- No DQ Match: Joey Janela vs Jimmy Havoc

This was probably the match that had the crowd most invested in it. It was hardcore wrestling at its best with chairs, tables, thumbtacks and even cinder blocks. A great spot saw Jimmy set up Joey in the corner sitting in a metal folding chair, Havoc then ran and tried a monkey flip which Janela flipped with the chair and landed sitting down with his legs crossed. The finish saw Havoc take off Janela’s boots, bite his toes, then drop him feet first onto the thumbtacks which then led into a German suplex into the cinder blocks followed by the Acid Rainmaker for the win. Insane spectacle.

Intermission to get some air. The building has to be in the 90 degree territory. Even with the heat, the place packed right back up for the second half of the show

- Fatal 4 Way Match: Mark Andrews vs Mark Haskins vs Austin Theory vs Keith Lee

Theory makes his PROGRESS debut in this match replacing Gibson who was supposed to be in this match as a 3 way with Haskins and Andrews until the Dunne injury changed the card. This was a really good match here with each man getting the spotlight, but based on skill and reaction Keith Lee was the star. Haskins got the win on his Evolve opponent Theory, once again tapping him out.

- PROGRESS Tag Team Titles Match: British Strong Style (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) w vs South Pacific Power Trip (Travis Banks & T.K Cooper) w/Dahlia Black

Five minutes into the match, Banks did a suicide dive onto Seven & Bate at ringside and then Cooper got on top while Banks held BSS and did a crazy twisting shooting star. He landed directly down on the floor feet first between all 3 men as no one really broke the fall for him. When Cooper landed, his right foot was twisted to the left in an image eerily reminiscent of Sid at WCW Souled Out 2001. Once Dahlia saw his ankle, she was visibly distraught. The crowd got silent as staff and medical attendants looked after T.K. Jim asked that we all show support for Cooper which led to a loud “T.K.” chant. One of the best displays of support from a wrestling crowd that I have ever seen for an injury especially here in New York City. Cooper was carried out by EMTs and some wrestlers. Afterward, Banks took the mic from Jim and requested a handicap match against British Strong Style.

Travis Banks vs British Strong Style in a handicap match

High energy and frenetic pace from Banks in this. You can tell that he was reeling and using the emotion of seeing his friend get hurt. Banks got the win on Seven to set up his big PROGRESS Title Match against Pete Dunne in September.

- PROGRESS Atlas Champion WALTER vs Matt Riddle

This was the match of the day from either company and a very worthy main event for such a high energy, engaging show. This was a hard hitting fight with some of the hardest chops of the entire year. WALTER impressed the New York crowd with some hard hitting chops that landed with vicious thuds. But, it was Riddle with some amazing fighting spirit, selling and his innovative offense who put WALTER away with the Bromission to win his second PROGRESS Atlas Championship.