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PROGRESS New Orleans results: Jeff Cobb vs. Travis Banks


Today's results from Corey Leib

Here are results from the last two days of PROGRESS events in New Orleans. First up, here are quick results from the show held on 4/6:

  • James Drake and Zack Gibson defeated Tyler Bate and Trent Seven to retain the PROGRESS tag team titles.
  • Will Ospreay defeated Mark Haskins.
  • Ringkampf (WALTER and Timothy Thatcher) defeated Keith Lee and David Starr.
  • Jeff Cobb won the Thunderbastard match which included Chris Brookes, MJF, Rickey Shane Page, Austin Theory, Parrow, Darby Allin and Joey Janela.
  • Jinny and Mercedez Martinez defeated Toni Storm and Shazza Mackenzie. 
  • Matt Riddle defeated Jimmy Havoc.
  • Pete Dunne defeated Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster in a triple threat match.
  • Travis Banks defeated Shane Strickland to retain the PROGRESS title.

And here is what went down earlier today:

- Chris Brooks defeated Rey Horus

Solid opener. Brooks got the advantage after a sucker punch. Horus made a comeback with a head scissors to the floor and a flip dive over the turnbuckle to take out Brooks. Brooks won with an octopus stretch.

- Toni Storm defeated Mercedes Martinez to retain the PROGRESS Women's championship

Really good match. Extremely hard hitting early with Mercedes getting the better of Toni with hard forearms and chops. Toni hit a  tremendous snap German suplex. Mercedes got a near fall with a fisherman’s buster. Toni got the win with an armbar. 

Will Ospreay came out for a promo.  He came out to a huge ovation. Will stated that he re injured his neck in the match with Matt Riddle but still wanted to compete. He first suggested a reverse battle royal which got a huge reaction. Then he wanted to have a mixed tag team match for some fun. Out came Kay Lee Ray to be his tag partner.

- Austin Theory and Jinny defeated Will Ospreay and Kay Lee Ray

A lot of comedy early with Jinny using a voodoo doll on Kay Lee Ray to attack Ospreay. Turned into a pretty good match Ospreay clearly not doing as much due to his neck injury but still took a couple of hard shots to his neck. Jinny picked up the win after a second rope facebuster on Kay Lee Ray.

- Mark Haskins, Jimmy Havok, and Flash Morgan Webster defeatd Keith Lee, Matt Riddle, and David Starr

This match was a lot of fun. Lot of comedy early with Jimmy Havok biting Riddle’s feet and Lee’s knee. Ton of big moves by Lee and Starr. The finish was the kiss of death combination Acid Rainmaker and STO on David Starr by Havok and Haskins.

- WALTER defeated Zach Sabre Jr. to become the number one contender for the PROGRESS championship

This match was insane. WALTER chopped Zach about 15 times during the match causing Zach’s chest to turn bright red.  Zach would try and get submissions over and over but WALTER would keep powering out and continue to chop him all over the ring and outside. Zach tried a rollup bridge and was caught in the rear naked choke and submitted to a huge reaction.

- GYV (Zach Gibson and James Drake) defeated Rickey Shane Page and Ethan Page to retain the PROGRESS tag team titles

Rickey Shane Page cut a promo saying that due to the blood test required by the Louisiana State Athletic Commission that he was able to find his brother to tag with him. Out came  “All Ego” Ethan Page to a good reaction. Ethan then cut a promo saying that also found out they were related and Page and Diamond Dallas Page for a good laugh. Zach Gibson and James Drake came out to a  ton of boos. This was an ok match. Lot of teasing the hot tag to Rickey Shane Page included a funny spot where RSP ran into the ring to attack Gibson and Drake but untied the tag rope so he was holding it and was therefore legal. The finish came when Eddie Dennis came out and distracted RSP casuing the GYV to hit a double facebuster for the win.

Eddie Dennis then cut a promo calling Mark Andrews a sell out for wanting to work for WWE and stated he had a plan to get Andrews.

- Travis Banks defeated Jeff Cobb to retain the PROGRESS title

This was another really good match. Cobb was suplexing Banks all over the place. Cobb teased a people’s moonsault when Banks got the knees up.  Banks hit Cobb with a Kiwi Krusher for the pin.  After the match WALTER came out and chased Banks out of the arena and motioned he was coming for the title.

Really good show. The PROGRESS shows have been a ton of fun over the past two days and they stated they wanted to come back to the United States soon.