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PWG All Star Weekend 13 night one results: Tag title main event


Image: @socaluncensored

Last night's PWG show in Reseda, California, was, due to the last four matches, considered one of the best non-BOLA shows in company history, and really not far off the BOLA standard.

- Flash Morgan Webster defeated Brian Cage

This was a big man/little man match as Webster is probably about 140 pounds and Cage is probably 260 or more. They worked the right style to make it work. Cage went for a powerslam and Webster cradled him. Cage was a last minute replacement for Travis Banks, who had visa issues.

- Mark Haskins defeated Adam Brooks

Brooks was making his PWG debut. They went long, doing lots of near falls and having a very good match. It could have been a few minutes shorter, but Brooks got over. He does a lot of comedy and talking but is technically really good.

- Joey Janela defeated Trevor Lee

Excellent match, with the first three minutes being crazy. Janela did a lot of high flying. Lee is more of a standard great worker in the sense everything he does looks great and he can build a match with the best of them.

- Keith Lee defeated Jonah Rock

Rock was so much better here than in BOLA. Lee outright claims to be the best big man in wrestling and then over and over goes out and proves it. Lee showed amazing agility and both did a lot of power spots since both these guys are about 310-330 legit.

Great finish. Rock came off the top rope, Lee caught him, then hoisted him up to his shoulders and like he was going to do a Death Valley bomb, but instead used a jackhammer from there for the pin.

- Sammy Guevara defeated Flamita and Rey Horus in a three-way match

They had a crazy flying match. It was crisp, and this match looked like it potentially could be fun and overachieved. If this was at Arena Mexico, it would be the best match there all year, that's how good it was.

- Ricochet defeated WALTER

WALTER throws the hardest chops, except for maybe Katsuya Kitamura. Ricochet had an incredible match working with him. With the huge size difference, Ricochet sold a lot but did great flying moves including a Fosbury Flop late.

This and the previous match were the two best. Ricochet should have won even though he's likely not around much longer, since he's going against Chuck Taylor for the title tonight.

- The Chosen Bros (Matt Riddle & Jeff Cobb) defeated The Lucha Brothers (Penta 0M & Rey Fenix) to win the PWG tag titles

Super match as well. Riddle & Cobb won clean with a combo GTS where Cobb threw Fenix (I think) into Riddle's knee. These have to be two of the three or four best tag teams in the world right now. Penta & Fenix have so many unique moves, so much charisma, and you never knew what they were doing next.