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PWG All Star Weekend 13 night two results: Chuck Taylor vs. Ricochet


Last night's PWG show in Reseda, California was another strong one. It included an amazing match with WALTER vs. Zack Sabre Jr., that some were calling the best match in PWG history. I wouldn't go that far, but if you've seen WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov from wXw's 16 Carat Gold final this year (and you should if you haven't), this was the same type of match but only better.

- Jonah Rock defeated Adam Brooks

Both of these men are from Australia and have good chemistry together doing the big man-little man thing. Very good opener.

- The Young Bucks defeated Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Haskins

The Young Bucks won with a Meltzer Driver on Haskins and a double sharpshooter finish. They did a six boots spot (with Marty Scurll, Nick Jackson, and referee Rick Knox) that got over huge. Excellent match.

- Marty Scurll defeated Joey Janela

Scurll won by submission with the chicken wing. Very good match.

- WALTER defeated Zack Sabre Jr.

The story of this match was WALTER just blistering Sabre with ridiculously hard chops. At times it felt like a shotgun was going off. Sabre Jr's chest was beat to death, and it was very reminiscent of a Ric Flair/Ron Garvin match.

What made it was Sabre's selling. The match had excellent pacing and WALTER did good suplexes and won by reversing a bridging pin by Sabre into a choke.

- Trent Barreta defeated Matt Sydal and Rey Horus in a three-way match

Trent pinned Sydal after hitting a Dudebuster. Really good match, but there were a few botches from Horus that kept it from being excellent. The Trent is a heavyweight stuff from New Japan was the focus of the match with him playing more of a big man and fans chanting he's a heavyweight. There were tons of near falls.

- Ricochet defeated Chuck Taylor to win the PWG title

Very different match than you'd think. Ricochet worked as a heel and just showed a different type of bout than he usually does. He got the pin to win the title with a low blow and a belt shot. Then the referees had a consultation and ordered the match restarted. Usually that means a quick babyface win but they went more than 13 more minutes.

Taylor undid the top rope, I guess with the story that Ricochet can't do his best moves without a top rope. He still did a shooting star press and a 450 off the middle rope for near falls. They did a ton of big moves and near falls back and forth, including a tease of another pin after a low blow, but Ricochet then won with a Rock Bottom like move.

Nobody expected Ricochet to win after they did the restart. He said, and keep in mind this was as a heel, that everyone is wrong and he's going nowhere and winning the belt proves it.