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PWG ASW night two results: Triple threat World title match


Image: SoCal Uncensored. Report submitted by Brian Reznick.

- Trevor Lee defeated Flash Morgan Webster

Great opener. Lee did great heel work, attacking Webster before the bell and then grabbing the mic and introducing himself as he beat up Webster. The crowd was hot all match and we saw as close to a babyface vs. heel dynamic as we get from this crowd.

- Joey Janela defeated Robbie Eagles

Very strong follow-up match. Eagles got over well with the fans during it. It really was two big spots near the end that got the crowd really on his side. Janela tombstoned Eagles on the apron and then picked him up and immediately tombstoned him again onto the seat of a chair. The referee got to 19 before Eagles rolled into the ring -- only to get piledriven again, but Eagles kicked out at two.

Eagles then fired up an mounted a comeback, and the crowd was with him the rest of the way. Janela eventually won with a top rope brainbuster.

- Sammy Guevara defeated Taiji Ishimori

This match was a bit weird. Guevara had huge heat. Ishimori got a good reaction, but not as strong as he did on night one. They were building momentum on the match, but Ishimori slipped trying to do a springboard dropkick and had an awkward fall into the
ring. Guevara covered for him by immediately attempting a pinfall, then started beating on him.

Ishimori got up and was moving weird and looked out of it, but they moved quickly to a spot where Guevara took Ishimori outside, went back in the ring, and did a ridiculous dive over the post onto Ishimori. Guevara is really unbelievable. He won with a Shooting Star Press.

Guevara refused to leave the ring until he got the microphone. The boos rained down, and he eventually got the mic and cut a promo about how great he is and how we all know that he always comes to the show and gives it everything he has. And for what reason? So that everyone can talk about how he had match of the night? So Dave Meltzer can write him up? He said he wouldn’t come back to PWG unless he got a World title shot.

The crowd, who were booing him the whole time, then switched to singing the goodbye song.

- PWG Tag Team Champions The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier) defeated Violence Unlimited (Brody King & Tyler Bateman) to retain their titles

Violence Unlimited were so over. King remained as over as he was on night one, but there was a huge response for Bateman. The match was great and fast moving, and everyone looked good. The story of the match was what it should be: VU overpowering The Rascalz and The Rascalz using their speed and incredible tandem offensive combinations to come back.

Xavier did a reverse hurricanrana to King and looked like he landed right on his head. He said he was okay after the match. The Rascalz won with an assisted Shooting Star Press onto Bateman. The crowd loved this match.

- Bandido defeated Rey Horus

Apart from the main event, this match was clearly the most beloved of the night. Each guy looked great, but Bandido was a little sharper and super over. There were a million great spots, including each guy hitting dives to the outside. Bandido did the Fosbury Flop and looked amazing.

The finish was unreal and hard to describe, with Bandido doing Trevor Lee's reverse flipping powerslam where he catches an opponent and uses their momentum to flip over in mid-air -- but Bandido did it from the top turnbuckle. The place came unglued for that, and rightly so.

The fans threw money into the ring after the match. They filled two pitchers with money, and then needed another pitcher, which resulted in a chant for a pitcher until one arrived. 

- Matt Riddle defeated Timothy Thatcher

Riddle submitted him with the Bromission. This was a solid technical bout, but it suffered a little from having to follow Bandido-Horus. The crowd got into this by the end, with it being a really well put together match where each guy had multiple holds and submission attempts that flowed really well and logically followed what came before.

- WALTER defeated Keith Lee and Jonah Rock in a three-way match to win the PWG World Championship

This was the meanest "mean guy match" of all time. Rock got the heat early by attacking both WALTER and Lee. Lee and WALTER had a great early sequence where Lee ran the ropes and kept evading WALTER's chops. They did a great job of making a few minutes pass before WALTER finally landed a chop, but then the floodgates opened.

Both Rock and Lee tried to exchange chops with WALTER but were chopped down. Lee eventually knocked WALTER outside and was setting up a dive when Rock cut him off to huge boos from the crowd. Rock hit a tope suicida, then Lee hit a tope con hilo onto both. There were a bunch of great hard-hitting sequences, getting everyone on their feet multiple times. Lee hit a huge powerbomb on WALTER for a great two count. He also hit the jackhammer on Rock, but Rock kicked out.

The finish came when Rock laid Lee out to set up a splash, but WALTER came in, knocked Rock to the floor outside, and hit the top rope splash on Lee -- only to have him kick out at one. The crowd was going nuts, but WALTER got up, hit Lee with a huge clothesline, and pinned him. Everyone went nuts for the title change.

Lee cut a great promo after, referencing the last show where he won the title at the Globe Theatre and that he failed in his promise to Chuck Taylor to elevate the championship. Lee said that he meant what he said at the last show about how much his year in PWG meant to him. He told WALTER to keep the title after the promotion leaves Reseda and to elevate it and the company for the fans.

Guevara came back out afterwards and got in WALTER's face -- only to get hit by a huge chop, which got a big pop.