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PWG BOLA Night 3 results: A winner is crowned; Young Bucks vs. Pentagon Jr & Fenix


Marty Scurll won this year's Battle of Los Angeles tournament on Sunday night in Reseda, CA.

There was another great show, although it couldn't compare to the second night which may have been the best U.S. wrestling show of the year. 

The highlights were Will Ospreay having great matches with Zack Sabre Jr. and Ricochet, plus an incredible tag team title match with the Young Bucks vs. Fenix & Pentagon Jr.

The show clocked in at just under five hours. The crowd was tired in spots but got really hot at the end of most matches, and were nonstop strong during the best matches.

Second round:

- Trevor Lee beat Dalton Castle with a small package.

- Ricochet pinned John Hennigan (Johnny Mundo) after a 630 senton.

Very good match but not at the level of some of their matches in Lucha Underground. Hennigan was much better here than with Matt Sydal in the first round.

- Marty Scurll pinned Cody Rhodes after a low blow and cradle.

Very good. Rhodes worked a harder style and fit in, including doing a double springboard plancha once again.  He was wearing a BOLA boot which he
threw into the crowd, promising the fans he would be back next year. He was raving about the experience and the talent on the weekend.

- Mark Andrews pinned Chris Hero in a short match.

It was great while it lasted with Hero dominating and working as a heel, and Andrews catching him in a front rolling cradle.  After the match, Hero came back and destroyed him using a piledriver off the middle ropes.  While Andrews did sell the neck in his next match, the move looked so devastating he really should have been "injured" and not have advanced.

- Mark Haskins beat Kyle O'Reilly with the sharpshooter.

Great match. You can see in the tournament they really put over the U.K. guys strong.

- Will Ospreay beat PWG Champion Zack Sabre Jr. in a non-title match

Ospreay went crazy at first with dives and top rope moves early. Shorter because of how many matches on the show then if these two were in a main event, but excellent still.

- PWG Tag Team Champions Young Bucks beat Fenix & Pentagon Jr. to retain

I'd say this was the second best match of the weekend, although there was plenty of competition for that spot. 

The two teams worked perfectly together. The Bucks played heel. Fenix is incredible, and both he and Pentagon have adapted so well to working with Americans. There was nothing resembling a style clash.  The finish came after a kick out of a Meltzer Driver and also another Meltzer Driver on the floor (which was insane) saw both Bucks just superkick the two to death over and over before getting the pin. 

Fans threw money at Fenix & Pentagon Jr. after, and then the Bucks jumped them as they were leaving and stole the money. There is a great potential for a three-way feud here adding in Ricochet & Matt Sydal.

Third round:

- Trevor Lee pinned Mark Andrews with a fisherman buster and cradle.

- Marty Scurll beat Mark Haskins with a chicken wing after a great reverse. Excellent match.

- Will Ospreay beat Ricochet clean with the Oscutter. 

Another excellent match, but it was shorter and not as good as their matches in Dallas or Tokyo. But then again, Ospreay had three matches in one night to do.

- Jushin Liger & Jeff Cobb & Tommy End & Cedric Alexander & Chuck Taylor beat Matt Riddle & Sami Callihan & Tommaso Ciampa & Pete Dunne & Brian Kendrick when Liger pinned Dunne after a brainbuster.

This is the traditional comedy match where everyone sticks their thumbs up the next guy's ass spot, plus the slow motion spot. Everyone worked in slow motion after Liger used the slow mo machine and the crowd joined in by cheering and chanting in slow motion with them.

Kendrick got a huge reaction as did Taylor, but Liger was the star. Everyone got a chance to show their wrestling. Cobb vs. Riddle was fantastic and tore the house down when they were in together.


- Scurll beat Ospreay and Lee in an elimination match to win the 2016 BOLA tourney.

This was anticlimactic. Scurll was the most over of the three. Lee and Scurll played heel on Ospreay with fans all weekend chanting "Matt Hardy" related things at him since he's from TNA and Cameron, NC.  Ospreay got beat when Scurll used the chicken wing while Lee stomped him to death at the same time, leading to a submission.

The crowd was tired, and Scurll vs. Lee wasn't that good once Ospreay was eliminated. Both wrestled well, but it didn't have the spark a lot of the other matches had. Scurll won with the chicken wing, gave a speech about how people thought he was too short and he was delusional wanting to be a pro wrestler but he just came to the best building for wrestling in the world and beat the best in the world to win this. 

Sabre Jr. came out and they built up Sabre defending against Scurll next.