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PWG BOLA night one results: Chosen Bros vs. Dijak & Lee


PWG's annual Battle of Los Angeles tournament kicked off in Reseda, California last night and will continue tonight and Sunday. Here are last night's results:

- Dezmond Xavier pinned Brian Cage with a Japanese rolling crotch hold after reversing out of a double powerbomb spot.

This was a very good match.

- Marty Scurll defeated Flash Morgan Webster with the chicken wing.

Webster took a hell of a physical beating and got over strong. Real good, borderline great match.

- Rey Fenix defeated Rey Horus

There was some amazing athleticism from both guys. Lots of great flying with Horus doing the most spectacular spot on the show with a running dive over the top several rows deep. Fans threw money in the ring when it was over.

- The Chosen Bros (Jeff Cobb & Matt Riddle) defeated Donovan Dijak & Keith Lee in a non-tournament match

This was the show stealer. Cobb and Lee opened doing fast Lucha Libre high spots with high leap frogs that were so impressive for guys of that size. So much great stuff here. Riddle got the pin on Lee to win the match.

This was better than any match at NXT TakeOver. Fans were chanting "five-star classic" when it was over.

- Penta 0M defeated Matt Sydal with a running package piledriver after a reverse hurricanrana.

Really good, bordering on great.

- Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Jonah Rock via submission.

Rock is a really thick guy like an old school super heavyweight wrestler with the big legs. It was power vs. submissions with Sabre winning with an armbar.

- Ricochet defeated Flamita

Ricochet live is something to see as his smoothness doing the most difficult moves is amazing. As great as most on the show were, he's at a different level.

Flamita is a great flyer but Ricochet sold great for him and was always in the right spot for him. Long match that never dragged but people weren't expecting the finish when it happened.