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PWG BOLA night three results: The 2019 champion is crowned


Bandido, the crowd favorite and betting favorite, won PWG's 2019 BOLA tournament in a three-way over Jonathan Gresham and David Starr.

Sunday's night three was an amazing show in front of an electric crowd, coming across like PWG from a few years ago. The show built well and featured a variety of different styles. A number of names new to the promotion stood out and the show ended with a clear direction of Bandido facing Jeff Cobb once again for the PWG title in a program that has been around in some form for a year.

BOLA Round 2: Dragon Lee defeated Jake Atlas

Lee won after hitting a running knee. At this point, this was the consensus best match of the tournament, although it would be topped later. Atlas, who most thought had the best first round match with Jungle Boy, got a deafening reaction.

BOLA Round 2: Bandido defeated Brody King

Bandido won after a GTS and 21 Plex. This was a Lucha Libre style match and for a 300 pounder, King looked amazing with his movements.

BOLA Round 2: Jonathan Gresham defeated A-Kid

Gresham won after working on his knee and smashing it on the ground over and over in an excellent match.

BOLA Round 2: Joey Janela defeated Fenix

Janela pulled off the upset by twisting Fenix's mask around so he couldn't see and gave him a superkick.

BOLA Round 2: Darby Allin defeated Pentagon Jr.

Allin pulled off an upset with a sunset bomb and a kneebar into a roll-up. This was another great match. Allin has improved a lot as far as coming across as a star as opposed to a guy who got over just based on taking insane bumps.

BOLA Round 2: David Starr defeated PWG Champion Jeff Cobb in a non-title match

Starr won after hitting Cobb with a belt shot as the ref was thrown down, followed by a lariat.

The Dark Order defeated Aramis & Rey Horus

Horus was pinned after a Gori Special by Evil Uno combined with a blockbuster off the top rope by Stu Grayson for the pin. Crowd gave Aramis & Horus a standing ovation after the match.

BOLA Round 3: Jonathan Gresham defeated Joey Janela with an Octopus submission.

BOLA Round 3: Bandido defeated Dragon Lee

This would have been a match of the year candidate in most years. Lee did a tope flying at least five rows into the crowd. Bandido did a moonsault off the post to the floor and nearly hit the balcony.

BOLA Round 3: David Starr defeated Darby Allin

Starr advanced when Allin went for a coffin drop off the top rope and Starr turned it into a shoulderbreaker.

Orange Cassidy & Artemis Spencer & Caveman Ugg & Jungle Boy & Paris Da Silva defeated Tony Deppan & Lucky Kid & Mick Moretti * Kyle Fletcher & Black Taurus

This was a super entertaining match featuring a lot of great moves and a lot of preposterous antics. Even the big guys like Ugg and Taurus were flying around. Cassidy pinned Deppan after spitting orange juice in his face and rolling him up.

BOLA Finals: Bandido beat David Starr and Jonathan Gresham in a three-way

Gresham eliminated Starr with the Octopus and elbows on the ground for a ref stoppage. This left Bandido vs. Gresham with Bandido using a Samoan drop, a reverse fallaway slam off the top rope and the 21 Plex for the win.