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PWG BOLA night two results: Cobb & King vs. Sekimoto & Gresham


The show peaked early as Jungle Boy and Jake Atlas had a long match filled with great spots and near falls. The debut of Aramis, who looks to follow in the footsteps of Fenix, Bandido and Dragon Lee, also got a strong reaction. It was very hard for people to follow them, although there were good matches that followed them.

Unlike in the past when I have seen long PWG shows where early matches tear down the house but sustain crowd interest through the end, Friday peaked early and the crowd was very tired toward the latter part of the card. Tonight was four hours after a long show on Thursday.

BOLA Round 1: Joey Janela defeated Mick Morretti

Janela defeated the Australian after a superkick. Morretti was aggressive, in great condition, and got very loud “please come back” chants.

BOLA Round 1: Jake Atlas defeated Jungle Boy

This was one tremendous match. It wasn't perfect, but as far as what this crowd was looking for, many had it as the best match so far of the tournament. It was the best Jungle Boy match I have seen to date and his improvement since January is astounding. At one point, Atlas did a cartwheel on the ropes, Jungle Boy superkicked him to the floor, hit a tope and then hit a Canadian Destroyer. (We got a ton of that move again tonight.) Atlas used a V-Trigger, Diamond Cutter, and cartwheel on the ropes into a DDT for the pin. Fans threw money in the ring afterward.

BOLA Round 1: Rey Fenix defeated Aramis

In my opinion, this was the best match of the tournament so far. People were tired from the blowout match previously, but they were into this. Aramis did a ropewalk 450 and also did a ropewalk flip plancha to the floor. Fenix won with a spinning muscle buster. Fans threw money in the ring again.

Fenix put over Aramis as the next generation Mexican who will show the world Lucha Libre. He said that there are people who talk bad about Aramis but he showed everyone tonight. Aramis said that when he was a kid, he told his parents that some day he would be in PWG and now he's here. I suspect Aramis will be getting contract offers coming out of this performance. Regarding Atlas, he's already getting offers. It's a different world today when it comes to being an indie talent.

Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz defeated A-Kid & Kyle Fletcher

This was supposed to be for the PWG tag titles but it was made non-title due to an injury to Mark Davis of Aussie Open who blew out his knee during the afternoon. He wasn't doing anything risky, but it was just one of those things where guys do the craziest things and are fine, and then get hurt doing something simple. He was hospitalized and showed up later with a big cast on his leg. A-Kid took his place.

This ws very heavy on the comedy, but featured some good wrestling as well. They were in a tough position and also went more than 22:00. There was lots of Wentz trying to kiss Kid & Fletcher.

BOLA Round 1: Bandido defeated Puma King to win the DDT Ironmetal Heavyweight title

Bandido won after a fallaway slam and spike in a really good match. Bandido did a super high springboard plancha.

Puma King defeated Bandido to win the DDT Ironmetal Heavyweight title

After the match, Puma King cradled Bandido so he got his belt back which is a DDT storyline.

BOLA Round 1: Pentagon Jr. defeated Tony Deppan

Pentagon Jr. won with the broken arm spot and Canadian Destroyer in a very good match. Deppan is very animated and reminds me of Oney Lorcan. The crowd liked him a lot.

BOLA Round 1: David Starr defeated Orange Cassidy

Starr won with a running forearm. They went 19:00 which was too long. This was mostly Starr beating on Cassidy.

Daisuke Sekimoto & Jonathan Gresham defeated Jeff Cobb & Brody King

This was eally good but the crowd was tired. They also went long and told a story with Cobb and King not getting along. King did comedy telling “Marty” and “PCO” to do stuff like he was conditioned to think of them as partners. There was a big pop for little Gresham power ombing King.

Sekimoto pinned King with a German suplex and they all raised each others' arms, leaving the ring to Sekimoto who thanked the fans. It felt like they were building Cobb vs. King but it was stage one of a build.