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PWG Mystery Vortex results: Ricochet says farewell


Image: @JackHeartless

With it being Mystery Vortex, no matches for last night's PWG show were announced ahead of time. They tried to keep the talent so secretive that no wrestlers even came out to sell merchandise before the show, and at intermission, nobody who had yet to wrestle came out to sell merchandise.

Sammy Guevara did come out to shoot stuff for his vlog with fans in line for the show so people knew he was there. And in line word got around of some people there but none of the matches. People figured out the main event because Ricochet had to lose the PWG title since he starts with WWE on Tuesday, and early in the show, Chuck Taylor suddenly left the announcing position to go backstage and didn't come back out.

- David Starr defeated Fred Yehi

Both men were making their debut. Starr won with a roll-up after a series of reversals.

- Joey Janela defeated Flash Morgan Webster

Janela hit a brainbuster off the top rope and submitted Webster with a crossface.

- Sammy Guevara defeated Rey Fenix

Guevara used a shooting star press to win. The first eight or so minutes of this match were incredible. But Guevara got hit with a tope and the back of his head hit the concrete. He was bleeding from the back of his head and it got worse as the match went on. It was hard to tell where the selling ended and if he was knocked silly, but it was definitely bothering him.

He also did a 450 on Fenix, whose knee was in a bad position and instead of landing on the body, landed on the knee. Fenix was hurt, although we don't know how bad. They kept going but were careful and you could see some things starting to fall apart.

Guevara told me after he was okay, but then left the building after intermission. Fenix was limping after. Hopefully it's not bad but it didn't look good.

- Keith Lee defeated Zack Sabre Jr.

Lee powered out of the Octopus and pinned Sabre with a jackhammer slam. Most of the match was Sabre doing submission attempts.

- Trent Baretta defeated Marty Scurll

Baretta hit the Dudebuster after Scurll had thrown baby powder into his eyes. It made the ref look bad because not only could you see the powder everywhere but he was kicking the powder out of the ring. At least it made ringside smell nice. But the blinded Baretta then hit his finisher.

- PWG Tag Team Champions Matt Riddle & Jeff Cobb defeated WALTER & Timothy Thatcher to retain their titles

Thatcher was pinned after the doomsday knee. This was the best match on the show. Cobb got a bloody nose from a kick and it got worse as the match went on.

- Chuck Taylor defeated Ricochet to win the PWG World Championship

Taylor won the title after Ricochet missed a 630 into thumbtacks and Taylor gave him a piledriver and the Awful Waffle. There was a story here because Taylor trained Ricochet about 15 years ago. They tried to work it like a fight although Ricochet did a lot of in-ring flying, but not much of his crazy out of the ring stuff.

Taylor gave a brief speech about how when he started Ricochet out, he could see very quickly that Ricochet was so much better than he was. He didn't say Ricochet was going to WWE but implied that every person in the room knew it. There were some "205 Live" comments and heckles during the match at Ricochet, who was playing heel until the end, since Taylor was winning.

Ricochet gave a speech after it was over, saying that while he considers Dragon Gate one of his homes (he did a final tour of Dragon Gate after leaving New Japan to show his gratitude toward them for his early break) that he considered PWG his home as well, since I believe this was his last indie match and they had him win both BOLA and the title in the last few months knowing he was leaving, in gratitude. Almost every wrestler came out and sat in the ring and applauded him after.