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PWG report 7-24-15 Young Bucks vs. Evans & Angelico; Ricochet vs. Tozawa and loaded undercard

Great show last night.  Every match was hard hitting and got great reactions  Pretty much an awesome crowd.

Among those in attendance with William Regal, Canyon Ceman, Seth Rollins and Konnan.

*Team Tremendous (Bill Carr & Dan Berry) b Joey Ryan & Candice LaRae with what I'd call a combination doomsday device and a reverse blockbuster on Ryan.  Fun opener.  Carr looks like a Big Bubba Rogers type from the 80s but with more modern moves. 

*Brian Cage b Johnny Gargano with the discus clothesline.

*Andrew Everett b Rich Swann with a shooting star press.

*Trevor Lee b Tommaso Ciampa.  This match was excellent leading into intermission.

*Speedball Mike Bailey b Chris Hero.  In many ways this was the match of the night, particularly when it comes to every single move meaning something, perfect pacing for the type of match they were doing and the crowd going nuts at peaking perfectly at the end.  It hard the hard hitting fight feel, more like Japanese match.  The result also seemed like something that most didn't expect. 

*Ricochet b Akira Tozawa.  This was an authentic Dragon Gate match, so crisp acrobatics and a lot of comedy.  Still very good peaking well.  Lots of crazy moves as well.

After the match came the only angle of the show with Super Dragon and The Young Bucks, wearnig Super Dragon masks, laying out Tozawa.  A lot of the faces underneath like Ryan, LaRae, Bailey, Lee and Gargano came out and were all destroyed including a scary tease of a Meltzer driver on the floor.  Jack Evans & Angelico came to as well.  This led to the main event.

*Young Bucks b Jack Evans & Angelico.  Excellent match.  Pretty much a top end Young Bucks match with a million superkicks.  Angelico did the running dive over the post.  No balconies in Reseda as compared to Boyle Heights.  There ended up being a spike piledriver on the floor by the Bucks near the finish coming off the teased spot during the brawl.  The Bucks won when Matt pinned  Evans with More Bang for Your Buck.