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PWG Time is a Flat Circle results: Chuck Taylor vs. Keith Lee


Here are results from last night’s PWG show (called "Time is a Flat Circle"), which was held at the Globe Theater in Los Angeles, California.

- Joey Janela defeated Roy Horus with a package piledriver

A great opener. Janela was very over with the crowd. 

- Brody King defeated Douglas James, Jake Atlas, and Eli Everfly when King pinned Everfly with a piledriver

All four men looked impressive -- particularly King, who was bigger yet still did some killer dives to the outside. 

- Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier defeated Bandido & Flamita following an assisted Shooting Star Press

This was one of the highlights of the night. All four wrestlers looked excellent here as well, but Bandido and Flamita stood out as the slightly better team. They had excellent chemistry with one another, doing lots of crazy assisted moves and tandem work.

After the match, people threw money in the ring and chanted “please come back.”

- Will Ospreay defeated Adam Brooks after the OsCutter

Tremendous match, the best of the night. It was a wild spectacle bout with tons of dives, counters, crazy kickouts, and everything you can think of in a high-profile match. Ospreay and Brooks hugged after it was over.

- Jonah Rock defeated Jeff Cobb following a frog splash

Rock was hated and was booed. Cobb was way over. They had a stiff, hard-hitting bout with some neat suplexes and cool counters. The crowd booed the finish.

- Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Matt Riddle with a bridging pin

A really nice technical bout with some good matwork and nicely-timed spots. For just having watched Sabre dominate everyone in the New Japan Cup, it was kind of weird seeing him take moves like a German suplex, but this was more back and forth than the New Japan Cup matches. 

- Keith Lee defeated Chuck Taylor with the Ground Zero to win the PWG World Championship

A good main event. The start of it had Taylor ducking Lee and making remarks on the microphone, including one line about how everyone knows Lee is going to the WWE. Lee eventually got tired of the antics and they brawled around the ring. It turned into a good match with Lee winning the title. 

Lee cut a really good promo after, saying one year ago he came to PWG from the Texas area and now he’s the champion. He thanked the fans to close out the show.