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RevPro Global Wars UK results: Minoru Suzuki vs. Matt Riddle


Image: @RevProUK. Report submitted by reader Noel Rattigan.

Revolution Pro Wrestling presented the second of their two Global Wars UK shows in Walthamstow last night, headlined by a first-time meeting between Minoru Suzuki and Matt Riddle and Will Ospreay challenging for Zack Sabre Jr.'s Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship.

- CCK (Travis Banks, Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos) defeated Hirooki Goto, YOSHI-HASHI & Gedo

This was a good opener. The finish saw Lykos do a dive over the top onto YOSHI-HASHI, Goto, and Brookes, leaving Banks to hit the Kiwi Buzzsaw on Gedo for the win. CCK are really good.

- Toru Yano defeated Zack Gibson

They had a really good comedy match. Gibson cut his promo at the start, with him getting his usual tons of heat. He pretended that smart fans make him sick and referenced Dave Meltzer/the Observer. Referring to Yano, he said most of the audience were thinking that Grado looks like a different person.

Yano responded by mocking Gibson and saying that his DVD is number one. Yano took out a car stereo from under the ring near the finish. He didn't use it, but it led to him doing two low blows and a roll-up for the finish.

- Josh Bodom defeated Rocky Romero

Good match. The action was on the outside for a period of time, with Bodom hitting a moonsault to the outside on Romero while landing on his feet. Bodom got a near fall from a powerbomb backstabber/draping Pedigree spot after dragging Romero back into the ring.

For the finish, Romero hit an arm drag from the top rope and went to lock on an armbar, but Bodom rolled through for the pin.

- Tomohiro Ishii defeated Dave Mastiff

This wasn't anywhere near as good as Ishii vs. Keith Lee from the night before, but that's to be expected. The crowd was trying to get into it, with the action mostly being strike exchanges. Ishii won with a brainbuster.

- Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion Ryan Smile defeated El Desperado to retain his title

After some brawling on the outside early, Smile was thrown over the first row of seats. Desperado then started working on his leg. Smile hit a plancha over the top to the outside but kept selling the leg.

Desperado worked over Smile's leg with a submission, and Smile did a good job of selling as the crowd bought that as the finish. Smile eventually hit a frog splash for the win, though he kept selling his leg after the match.

- Tetsuya Naito & BUSHI defeated Yuji Nagata & Keith Lee

They had a good match with a lot of spots throughout. BUSHI spat mist into Lee's eyes near the end of it and Naito hit two Destinos for the pin.

- Minoru Suzuki defeated Matt Riddle

Excellent match that went about 15 minutes. They exchanged chops early, brawled on the outside, and Suzuki threw Riddle over a few rows of chairs. Riddle did some nice suplexes after there was a bit of Suzuki-gun interference.

After a ref bump, El Desperado spiked Riddle with a chair to the head and Suzuki hit the Gotch-style piledriver for the victory.

- Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Will Ospreay to retain his title

This was the match of the night. There were lots of great spots throughout, the crowd was hot for the whole thing, and it was constantly back and forth. Sabre ended up retaining with a bridging submission move where he yanked Ospreay's arms badly and there was a verbal tap.