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RevPro High Stakes results: Bate & Seven vs. Suzuki & ZSJ


Image and report submitted by reader Matt Dagnall

- British Cruiserweight Champion Kurtis Chapman defeated Rob Lias to retain his title

Eddie Dennis came out and distracted Lias. This was somewhat sloppy and the crowd found it hard to get into it.

- CCK (Travis Banks & Chris Brookes) defeated Zack Gibson & Josh Bodom

Before the match, Dennis stayed at the ramp and had a pull-apart brawl with Gibson and Bodom before CCK came out. Gibson cut a promo about how the fans only care about New Japan talent and should really care about him and Bodom.

The match was fast paced and had some hard-hitting elements. Banks was the most over guy in it. After some cheating from Gibson, Kid Lykos evened the odds by hitting Bodom with a tray. CCK got the win and Bodom and Gibson argued afterwards, with the latter walking out furious.

- Adam Brooks defeated Ryan Smile

This was a terrific match that went for over 20 minutes. It started quickly with a brawl all over the arena. Both men were equally over and got dueling chants from the crowd throughout.

Things got really good in the latter stages with a series of very convincing near falls for Smile. Brooks came back with a flurry of offense and several big moves to put Smile away. This match had everything and the crowd was super into it. Smile was left in the ring to soak up the applause as he waved goodbye.

- SANADA & EVIL defeated Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher)

There was a huge reaction for SANADA and EVIL, but Aussie Open were almost as popular. There were again dueling chants throughout. It looked early on like SANADA may have gotten hurt but he continued the match.

Fletcher eventually found himself caught in a submission and was forced to tap. SANADA and EVIL got a standing ovation afterwards and both teams were more over following the match.

- British Women's Champion Jinny defeated Bea Priestley and Millie McKenzie to retain her title

Priestley had an elaborate entrance, very similar to Finn Balor's demon one. McKenzie was extremely over and was the highlight of the match. She went wild with some German suplexes, even suplexing both women at the same time.

There was a crazy dive from Priestley from the ring post onto McKenzie, who was draped across the barrier. McKenzie also botched a dive badly to the outside but was okay. She then hit a move from the top rope on Priestley, which looked incredibly dangerous, but Jinny stole the pin to retain. 

- Will Ospreay defeated Mark Andrews

Ospreay came out to a superstar reaction and the crowd was incredibly hot for him. The match started at a quick pace, with both doing dives right away. This was everything you would expect from Ospreay and Andrews, with moonsaults, shooting star presses, and plenty of Frankensteiners. It was a real spectacle to watch with reversal after reversal.

Ospreay eventually won with the OsCutter. This felt like a premature ending and the match could have gone on longer. Andrews endorsed Ospreay afterwards, but Adam Brooks came out and laid out both. He cut the Australian flag off Ospreay's ring gear.

- Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) to win the British Tag Team Championship

This was the match of the night by a large margin. Everyone involved performed excellently, especially Suzuki. The match was a total war. Everyone got huge reactions, but it was clear that Suzuki was the main attraction. Bate and Seven wore towels around their heads to mock him.

Suzuki traded chops with Seven early on, with Suzuki laughing at Seven's efforts before striking him down with just one chop. Bate tagged in and got in some signature offense before he was worn down by Suzuki's power. Sabre Jr. tried multiple submissions on Bate, then Suzuki did too before Seven made the hot tag. He lit up Sabre Jr. with some fierce strikes in the ring while Suzuki and Bate brawled on the outside.

Suzuki laughed at Bate's strikes before firing back himself much harder. After some nice sequences from both teams in the ring, Bate hit the Tyler Driver -- only for Suzuki to kick out. Things really got good from here, with some more crazy sequences before Suzuki and Sabre got the win to a huge reaction.

The new champions beat down Moustache Mountain, who were sent packing. CCK came out to face off with Suzuki and Sabre but were too scared to get in the ring and left the champs to soak up the applause.