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RevPro Live in NY results: Tanahashi & Ospreay vs. Suzuki & Sabre Jr.


On Friday afternoon, Revolution Pro held their Live In NY event at WrestleCon at the Midtown Manhattan Hilton. Here are some results and notes from being there live which is available on

The show started late after a delay with some of the talent's scheduled photo ops at the WrestleCon convention. The ring announcer thanked the fans for their patience and overall, this was handled well. 

Chris Brooks & Jonathan Gresham defeated Clark Connors & Karl Fredericks

This was a solid opener, but probably worked better as a live match than on the broadcast. Conners and Fredericks are NJPW Los Angeles Dojo guys. Gresham won following a series of strikes. 

Carlos Romo defeated A-Kid, Flamita & Kid Lykos

This was less of a spotfest than you might expect as they did a lot of striking before getting into their dives. 

Brian Cage defeated Michael Oku

Oku is still pretty green, but he has a lot of potential and hit one dive in particular that was spectacular. Cage took most of the match. 

Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi & Will Ospreay

This was really the main event of the show, but it was put on in the middle of the card for those who wanted to leave for TakeOver. All four men were massively over. Ospreay and Tanahashi did about one third of what they might do in a big show main event, but it all worked. 

Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Rocky Romero

They were in a tough spot being the first match after intermission. They started out with some serious wrestling before getting their comedy spots in.

Tomohiro Ishii defeated David Starr

Ishii sold more than I expected him to as he gave Starr a lot of offense. Ishii won after a sliding lariat and a vertical drop brainbuster.

Aussie Open defeated SHO & YOH

Maybe half of the original crowd remained by the time these teams got in the ring. There was nothing wrong with the match, but all four guys had to bust their humps to get a reaction.

After the last match, they shot an angle where Suzuki and Sabre attacked Aussie Open, setting up a match between the two teams on RevPro's May 10th show.