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RevPro TV taping results: Tag team tournament matches


Submitted by Matt Dagnall

Revolution Pro Wrestling was back at York Hall in London yesterday for their second of two straight nights of tapings for FreeSports.

- From the LED ring apron, it seems that the name of the show is "World of Pro Wrestling," seemingly a dig/play on ITV's "World of Sport." 

- Kip Sabian defeated Kurtis Chapman and A-Kid in a triple threat match to become the number one contender to David Starr's Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship

Starr came out and was annoyed that there was a whole tournament to decide the Tag Team title number one contenders but a random triple threat to determine his challenger. He commentated the match.

All four worked face and it was a decent opener for the show. A-Kid continues to impress. 

- The Great O-Kharn (w/ Lord Gideon Grey) defeated Darrell Allen

Lord Gideon Grey is excellent as O-Kharn's manager and is now calling him the undefeated Great O-Kharn. Another simple squash.

- Jonny Storm & Jody Fleish defeated Chuck Mambo & Cassius in a tag team tournament quarterfinal match

This was the final quarterfinal in the tag team tournament to decide the number one contenders to Suzuki-gun (already in the semis are Aussie Open, Sho & Yoh, and the Hunter Bros). This was a strong match and both teams were fairly over. Mambo looked excellent, but the veterans won.

- Chris Brookes & Jonathan Gresham defeated Jushin Thunder Liger & El Phantasmo

This match was set up the night before. The heels bent the rules and injured Liger's right leg early on, which he sold incredibly well and was unable to tag in Phantasmo. When he finally did, Phantasmo leapt around the ring and took CCK to their limits.

CCK cheated to win and were heavily booed.

- KUSHIDA defeated Josh Bodom

MK McKinnan was KUSHIDA's original opponent but was legitimately injured. Bodom took a lot of the match, beating down KUSHIDA. After a few comebacks were thwarted, KUSHIDA tapped out Bodom.

KUSHIDA's RevPro matches have been very repetitive as of late (see vs. Adam Brooks at Summer Sizzler).

- Dan Magee defeated Sha Samuels by DQ

Their heated rivalry continued as Samuels hit Magee with a chair during a suicide dive. Magee was taken away by medics.

- Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Rocky Romero

Great match that lasted around 20 minutes. Romero attempted to match Sabre's technical ability but resorted to strikes and Sabre started bleeding from the nose before he inevitably tapped out Romero for the win.

- The Hunter Bros defeated Jonny Storm & Jody Fleish in a tag team tournament semifinal match

Another great match, with the Hunters really coming into their own as a team. Storm and Fleish have been excellent in making others look good as of late in RevPro. It was up in the air who would win and the crowd was into the near falls.

The Hunter Bros are now in the tournament final.

- The Great O-Kharn defeated Carlos Romo

Another simple squash.

- Colt Cabana defeated James Mason

This was really fun to watch and had the right balance of comedy and wrestling. Both tried roll-ups and cradles until Cabana won with a superman folding press.

Samuels came out and attacked Cabana but was stopped by Magee, who cut an impassioned promo.

- Kip Sabian defeated Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion David Starr by countout

Sabian had earned his shot earlier in the night. Starr was annoyed that Sabian was getting the better of him so he left the match. Sabian got an ovation, but Starr kept the title with the countout finish.

- HxC (James Castle & Dan Head) defeated The Arrows of Hungary (Aaron Icarus & Dover)

This was a rematch from the Cockpit show from four days ago, but the crowd were worn out. Dover took a double suplex on the ramp and was out for much of the match. Castle and Head cheated to win.

- Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Chris Ridgeway via KO

Another rematch from the Cockpit show. They exchanged strikes early on with both of their chests being visibly scarred. Sabre grounded Ridgeway, who would fire back up with stiff kicks and would get the better of the striking battles.

Sabre eventually knocked out Ridgeway and cut a promo about how he's not the best technical wrestler in the world -- he's the best wrestler.

- Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) defeated Roppongi 3K (Sho & Yoh) in a tag team tournament semifinal match

This match determined who will face the Hunter Bros in the tournament final. Great stuff from both teams as you'd expect. When things were getting good, Aussie Open's entrance video and music were accidentally played. That was a pretty bad mistake that can hopefully be edited out.

Aussie Open eventually got the expected win. They would be really good in NJPW's World Tag League this year and have already had great matches in RevPro against EVIL & SANADA, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Juice Robinson, Jay White, Jeff Cobb, and now Roppongi 3K.

After the match, Brookes & Gresham attacked them and stood tall despite the Hunter Bros coming down to help Aussie Open.