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Shimmer 74 & 75 results: Aja Kong/Dynamite Kansai/Mayumi Ozaki/Kyoko Kimura vs. Tomoka Nakagawa/Kellie Skater/Misaki Ohata/Hiroyo Matsumoto


Submitted by Craig Russell and Martin Bentley

From the Eagles Club, Berwyn, IL

Shimmer Vol. 74

- Crazy Mary Dobson over Portia Perez with a rollup.

- Thunderkitty over Angelus Layne with the old school claw.

- Saraya Knight over Kimber Lee, Kay Lee Ray, and Mia Yim. Kay Lee Ray hits a swanton bomb on Kimber Lee, but Saraya Knight throws Kay Lee Ray out of the ring and steals the pin.

- Yumi Ohka over Nicole Savoy with a running boot (Yakuza Kick) (NOTE: Outstanding match from both women).

- Melanie Cruise over Shazza McKenzie with a tombstone piledriver.

- Candace LaRae over Cherry Bomb with a rollup (small package version).

- Jessica Havok over Veda Scott with a 2nd rope choke slam.

- Evie and Heidi Lovelace over Courtney Rush and Xandra Bale. Bale is knocked off the ring apron when Rush attemped a hot tag. Rush is then hit with a TTYL (Talk To You Later) and a frog splash and is pinned by Lovelace. After the match, Rush attacks Bale for thinking she bailed on her.

- Athena over Vanessa Kraven by DQ when Tessa Blanchard interfered. Blanchard cuts a promo prior to the match stating she beat Athena "all by herself" and that she is better than Athena at everything.

- Cheerleader Melissa over AKINO with an Air Raid Crash. Outstanding match. At the start of the match AKINO mentions (in Japanese) that this is the first time 13 years these two have faced off (Melissa translates this for the crowd). AKINO then tries to rollup Melissa as she is explaining this to the crowd. After the match, Melissa offers a handshake, but AKINO slaps Melissa and walks away.

- Nicole Matthews over Maidson Eagles for The Shimmer Championship. Originally, Eagles pins Matthews after a Hellbound, but Matthews had her foot on the bottom rope. Portia Perez protests the finish and Bryce Remsberg, after conferring with fellow referee Andy Long, restarts the match. Matthews then immediately hits Eagles with The Vancouver Maneuver and pins Eagles to retain the title.

Aja Kong, Dynamite Kansai, Mayumi Ozaki, and Kyoko Kimura over "Team S-Ovation" (Tomoka Nakagawa, Kellie Skater, Misaki Ohata, and Hiroyo Matsumoto) after Kong hits Nakagawa with a trash can (which nearly went flying into the seats in directly front of us) and then Kong hits a brain buster on Nakagawa. After the match, Kong appears to want to hug Nakagawa, but she slaps her instead as her way of "hugging" her.

NOTE: This match was great. It was a "No DQ" match (as it is stated that any match with Mayumi Ozaki in it when she is at Shimmer is always a "No DQ" match). Fuyuki Makata did all the ring introductions for the match (and handled the ring introductions for Tomoka Nakagawa vs AKINO the night before as well), and the crowd ate up every second of Kong and Kansai being there. Kong spit into the crowd when people cheered for her, Kansai was landing some stiff kicks, Ozaki was hitting people with a hard rubber bat, and it felt like a match straight out of Korakuen Hall. Dave Prazak even brought out his own camera to film this match for personal use.

Shimmer Vol 75

- Shazza McKenzie over Marti Belle with the Shazzadriver.

- Miss Natural over Crazy Mary Dobson with a pile driver.

- AKINO over Kay Lee Ray with a pump handle suplex.

- Jessica Havok over Melanie Cruise with a stretch muffler (horse collar submission).

- Courtney Rush over Xandra Bale with an F5.

- Misaki Ohata over LuFisto with a rollup after back to back german suplexes.

- Athena over Tessa Blanchard with "The Red Wedding" (Athena's modified STF move where the leg is at a 45 degree angle). Vanessa Kraven was at ringside and interfered several times. Kraven also took five consecutive dives from Athena before being knocked into the ringside guard rails. Kraven was ejected by Bryce Remsberg after being caught interfering. Athena was impressive here and Tessa Blanchard held up her end well enough. Tessa Blanchard was the big non Joshi debut this weekend and Vanessa Kraven is impressive to see live.

- Nicole Savoy over Mia Yim with Savoy pinned Yim with a german suplex.

- Cheerleader Melissa over Candace LaRae when Melissa hit 3 consecutive curb stomps on LaRae.

- The Kimber Bombs over Evie and Heidi Lovelace (named Team Slaphappy) when Cherry Bomb hit a Death Valley Driver followed by a swanton bomb from Kimber Lee onto Lovelace (I believe).

- Madison Eagles over Saraya Knight with a Hellbound.

- 3G (Tomoka Nakagawa and Kellie Skater) over The Canadian Ninjas (Shimmer Champion Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez) when Nakagawa rolled up Matthews with a 120% Schoolgirl. 

From Craig: Prazak himself did the ring introductions for this match. After the match, the entire Joshi group, the Shimmer "Face" roster (including Allison Kay as well), and Lexie Fyfe came out to toast Nakagawa. The ring was full of streamers and everyone poured their bottles onto Nakagawa, who left a drenched mess. Very emotional and touching scene and the entire Eagles Club cheered the celebration.

From Martin: The deal with Aja Kong and Dynamite Kansai was that they were brought in as surprises with Tomoka Nakagawa not even knowing who was coming, though it was advertised in the past few days that there would be Joshi surprises coming in. They arrived in Chicago barely a couple of hours before they appeared on Saturday night. The eight woman tag is seriously recommended once the DVD eventually comes out.

Nakagawa got the winning pinfall in her retirement match, and she was sent off with the babyface locker room coming out, lots of champagne and other alcohol, and a ton of streamers from the fans. It was a happy retirement as opposed to Allison Danger's sad and emotional retirement two years ago.