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Shimmer 81 live results: Madison Eagles vs. Courtney Rush; Kimber Lee; Shayna Baszler; Veda Scott

Shimmer 81

Submitted by Craig Russell from Chicago, IL (Friday)

- Veda Scott vs Nixon Newell

Good opener. Nixon is pretty good and Veda is solid at this point. Veda earns extra heel points by sucking up to referee Andy Long, who the fans still boo because of the last Shimmer weekend. Scott wins with a Northern Lights/German Suplex.

- Shayna Baszler vs Rhia O'Reilly

Baszler wins with a TKO on O'Reilly for the pin. Baszler is already decent in the ring and holds her own. O'Reilly worked the crowd over by taunting Baszler whenever she would get Baszler in a wrestling hold.

- Vanessa Kraven vs Shazza McKenzie vs LuFisto vs Kellie Skater

Kraven and LuFisto fight to the back, and Skater pins McKenzie after a neck breaker/kick to the head combo (Skate and Destroy finisher). Kraven and LuFisto at one point in the match play a game of "one up" on Skater and McKenzie with chops and running cannonballs.

- Viper vs Jessica Havok

Viper pins Havoc with a slam. It might have been a running powerslam, but she did not get far with the running part. This was a good match with the girls taking each other's moves and coming back with their own response. Viper is indeed already over in the states with the same crowd support as she got at Shine 35.

- Yumi Ohka and Melanie Cruise vs Mia Yim and Kay Lee Ray

Yim and Ray's tag team is called FlyingHighWDSS (a nod to Pokemon). Ohka and Cruise work really well together. This was a very good match in which everyone hit everything. At the end, Ohka tried to use her Cat O' Nine Tails Whip to interfere, but then Cruise missed a top rope splash. Ray then hits her senton on Cruise, followed by Yim hitting Cruise with a 450 Splash for the pin. Again, outstanding match.

- Arisa Nakajima vs Nicole Matthews

Nakajima has her JWP title belt with her. Another good match. Nicole is a pro and can work with anyone at this point. Nakajima has a good selection of kicks which she put to good use. Finish came as Nakajima pinned Matthews with a bridging German suplex.

- KC Spinelli vs Ruo Mizunami

Good hard hitting match. KC is very good at getting the crowd into the match and she did it here. Mizunami has a new outfit that is more Lucha inspired (complete with a mask). Mizunami over Spinelli with a top rope leg drop.

- Heart of Shimmer Champion Nicole Savoy vs Crazy Mary Dobson

Solid match. Dobson played the aggressor to Savoy's moves, which then Savoy would counter would a different one. End came with Savoy pinning Dobson with a Tiger Suplex.

- Shimmer Tag Team Champions The Kimber Bombs (Kimber Lee and Cherry Bomb) vs Team Slap Happy (Evie and Heidi Lovelace)

Possibly match of the night along with Ohka/Cruise vs Yim/KLR. Lots of action and double team moves. The Kimber Bombs were the obvious heels in this match. Cherry Bomb's voice is as high pitched and squeaky as ever. Finish came as Team Slap Happy were setting up for their finisher (Lovelace does a frog splash off of Evie' shoulders), but Cherry Bomb interferes, sending Evie to the floor. Cherry Bomb then throws Kimber Lee a title belt which she used to hit Lovelace with. Kimber Lee then pins Lovelace.

- Shimmer Champion Madison Eagles vs Courtney "Rosemary" Rush

During the match, Eagles and Rush fight on the floor and Eagles gets the upper hand. She then runs back into the ring where she produces two cans of salt which she used to make a "barrier" around the ring apron. Courtney is a "demon" and therefore cannot break a salt barrier. She almost gets counted out but she drags the referee over the salt line to break it so she can get back into the ring. Eagles also tried to tape two forks together and use it as a cross to ward off Rush (screaming "the power of Christ compels you" line from "The Exorcist" while doing so).

All antics aside, this was a very good match for the belt. At one point, Rush had Eagles on the floor again (all happening in front of the Empire's own Ed in San Antonio I might add!) in which Courtney throws Eagles into the barricade at least 5 times. Eagles eventually pins Rush with the Hellbound (shoulder bomb onto the knee) and retains the title.

After this match, Arisa Nakajima comes out to challenge Eagles for Saturday. They hold up each other's title belts to each other and the show concludes.