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Travis Banks & Ligero dropped by PROGRESS amid abuse allegations


PROGRESS updated their list of talent that will no longer be working for them, announcing Saturday that both Ligero and Travis Banks will no longer appear for the promotion.

Previously, they had been suspended indefinitely.

The news comes following more information coming to light regarding both men. Wrestler Millie Mckenzie opened up about her relationship with Banks on Twitter, accusing him of manipulation and creating an unsafe working environment. She also posted text messages detailing him harassing her while outside her hotel room door. Multiple women have also come forwardaccusing Ligero of manipulation, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.

Both men are still with NXT UK at this point and have denied any wrongdoing.

Both David Starr and referee Marc "Paz” Perry were announced as no longer working for the promotion while tag team champions Jordan Devlin and Scotty Davis were suspended indefinitely and the titles vacated.

“We take all these allegations extremely seriously,” the company’s statement said. “Those under suspension will have their situation reviewed periodically between now and events starting again. We continue to monitor and listen to the Speaking Out movement so that we can take appropriate action where necessary.”