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UWN Primetime Live results: Aldis vs. Bennett NWA title match


This was the first of four weekly pay-per-views from UWN which will also feature some talent from the NWA.

The show opened with David Marquez running down the card when Chris Dickinson made his way in and cut a promo about how he was going to take every opportunity in front of him and that he doesn’t care about the UWN or NWA and was here to make a statement. There were some technical issues during the promo, but the majority of it was quite good.

West Coast Pro Wrestling Champion Alex Hammerstone defeated EJ Sparks to retain

Hammerstone took down Sparks with a waist lock. Sparks was able to comeback with some strikes and a springboard forearm. Sparks went for a corner go-over, but Hammerstone cut him off with a back rake and a Spinal Countdown. Hammerstone sent Sparks into the corner and he dropped as he hit the turnbuckles very hard.

Hammerstone hit a backbreaker, a few shoulders to the stomach in the corner and an overhead belly to belly. He locked on an abdominal stretch, but Sparks fought out and hit a kick. Hammerstone no sold it, but Sparks hit a DDT and eventually got a near fall. Hammerstone eventually picked up Sparks and hit the Nightmare Pendulum for the win.

This match was perfectly fine from what I was able to see, but technical issues with the stream constantly freezing made it difficult to enjoy. 

-- Joe Galli from the NWA greeted the fans and thanked them for tuning in and spending money to watch the show in a nice touch. I love his announcing.

-- Nick Aldis cut a good promo, saying that he has nothing left to say. He talked about how the World title meant the world to Mike Bennett and it meant the world to him, and that Bennett was not going to make his name at Aldis’ expense.

Jordan Clearwater defeated Will Allday

Allday went for a headscissors, but Clearwater countered into a neckbreaker. Clearwater hit a huge clothesline for a two count. Allday hit a frog splash for a two count and then a suplex before missing with a PK. He turned around and landed a kick to the back of Clearwater’s head and then a double stop for two. Clearwater hit a bulldog for two. Allday hit a suicide dive, but ate a Midas Touch, giving Clearwater the win.

This was nearly unwatchable due to more feed glitches and freezing, but I liked what I saw from Clearwater.

Kamille defeated Heather Monroe

Kamille used her power to block an armdrag immediately and then knocked Monroe over with a shoulderblock. Monroe used a sleeper, but Kamille powered out and hit a running elbow. She hit several European uppercuts and a gutwrench suplex and set up for a spear, but Monroe rolled to the outside. Kamille went for a fireman’s carry on the floor, but Monroe got out and shoved her into the ringpost and started to work over her arm.

Once they were back in the ring, Kamille managed to hit a Samoan drop, but sold her arm afterward. Monroe continued to work over the arm, while Kamille’s power kept her in the match. Kamille ducked a kick and went for the torture rack, but couldn’t lock it on due to her shoulder. Kamille hit a neckbreaker instead, but Monroe kicked out. Monroe hit a knee and went for Dress to Kill, but Kamille powered out and hit a spear for the win.

-- Eli Drake cut a promo about how the world was locked down for the last few months, but he was so happy to be back and able to talk to the people. The rest of the promo was hard to make out due to more feed freezes.

-- Dan Joseph cut a promo about keeping the United Television title.

Wolf Zaddies and The Tribe went to a no contest.

This match was unwatchable due to the glitches in the stream. Both teams exchanged their finishers but the other teammate broke up the pinfall, eventually ending in a no contest. Both teams brawled to the back afterward.

Chris Dickinson defeated Jordan Cruz

Dickinson attacked right away and clotheslined Cruz on the entrance ramp before going back to the ring and grabbing a mic to introduce himself. He cut a promo about how he needed better competition as Cruz crawled back to the ring and decided to fight. Dickinson made him pay, hitting a series of hard kicks and stomps.

Dickinson locked on a half crab and stomped on Cruz's back while he had the submission on. He let it go and hit a suplex for a two count. Cruz hit a hurricanrana, but it wasn't enough for the win. Dickinson blocked a running bulldog before hitting a huge death valley driver for the pinfall victory.

United Television Champion Dan Joseph defeated Levi Shapiro

Shapiro wore a glove, which he has loaded in the past. The announcers pointed out that he also uses the claw with that gloved hand and it is super powered because he had an injury that caused the tendons to heal more tightly, giving his hand even more strength. I love how wacky that is. Joseph hit a dropkick and the ref botched the count and counted three despite the kickout. The match ended in complete chaos.

Well, that was something. The finish was all sorts of weird. The stream also started freezing again right at the end of the match, which just added to the weirdness.

NWA World's Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis defeated Mike Bennett (w/ Maria Kanellis) to retain

This match started fast with Bennett taking it right to Aldis with a series of hard chops and forearms. Bennett went for a spear, but Aldis dodged and the referee was taken out. He went to grab the title belt, but Maria stopped him. Kamille then came out to drive Maria away, and Bennett hit a flying crossbody off the ramp onto Aldis, but the camera missed it. Back in the ring, Aldis hit the MDD for a two count.

Bennett floated over another MDD attempt and hit a superkick and a discus clothesline on Aldis for two. Bennett hit a series of elbows to the neck, but Aldis fought back and hit a tombstone and then a flying elbow for two. Bennett hit a superplex and then a spear, but Aldis kicked out. Bennett hit another superkick and then hit a piledriver.

Bennett crawled over to make the cover, but Aldis got his foot on the rope for a very close near fall. Maria grabbed the title and handed to Bennett who thought about using it as a weapon, but he put it down and went for the piledriver again. Aldis countered, but Bennett went for a dive off the middle rope and Alids countered into the Texas clover leaf.

Bennett screamed “I need this!” as he tried to make it to the ropes, but Aldis kept dragging him back to the middle of the ring and he went unconscious, giving Aldis the successful title defense.

This was a perfectly solid match, but more glitches in the stream at the start of the match hurt it a bit. Bennett was determined to show that he could go, and Aldis looked quite good, all things considered.

After the show, Aldis cut a promo that was exclusive to He said he was tested to his limits tonight, and Bennett was tough. Aldis said it was 51-49 and he didn’t like those odds tonight, but he was happy to continue to hold the title and put it up against the best competition. He finished saying that Bennett is absolutely a pro wrestler but he wasn't "The National Treasure."

Final Thoughts:

The show as a whole would have been a very solid and fun professional wrestling card but the streaming issues hurt it badly, making the first two thirds almost unwatchable. I’m still interested to see some of the matches next week, especially Thunder Rosa’s match against Priscilla Kelly. Hopefully, they iron out the glitches before then.