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UWN Primetime Live results: Aron Stevens vs. Trevor Murdoch


UWN continued with their opening promo montage, continuing the 80s wrestling show feel. I like this little touch as it gives a reason for all the matches happening and helps us get to know the characters we might not be familiar with yet.


UWN World Tag Team Champions SoCal Distancing (Andy Brown and Adrian Quest) defeated Real Money Brothers (Big Money Clutch and RMB Suge)

Brown and Quest got the heat on Suge in the early portion of the match. Quest used fast paced striking and offense while Brown was able to control Suge with power. Suge hit a big powerslam on Quest and then made the hot tag to Clutch. Suge tried to hit a double team suplex off the top rope on Quest, but Brown cut them off and SoCal Distancing hit a combo double stomp and death valley driver that got a two count.

Suge hit a full nelson into a flatliner for two. He tried to suplex Quest again, but Brown made the save and Quest hit the 40 Ounce Bounce on Clutch. Brown hit Finish Him on Suge which was followed with a phoenix splash by Quest for the pin.

This was a solid opening tag match that was set up by the Real Money Brothers defeating Friendship Farm last week. I like Brown and Quest as they showed a lot of good ring positioning and an understanding of how to structure a tag match.


Trevor Murdoch cut a simple promo about the main event, saying that he was going to walk away with the NWA National Championship.


Papadon defeated Remy Marcel

As Marcel came out, the announcers implied that he has taken people out to the desert to bury them on behalf of criminals running casinos. Well, then. Marcel appeared to be the babyface in this match. Well, then...again. Papadon claimed Marcel pulled his hair when he has no hair. I was briefly distracted by how much tape Marcel has on his shoulders, making me think he is close to having his arms fall off.

Marcel hit a slingshot senton from the apron into the ring, but ate a hotshot from Papadon who then started hitting a series of elbows to his head. Papadon hit a neckbreaker for a two count. Papadon hit a clothesline and argued with the official about the count, which was clearly two.

Papadon hit a suplex and a few kicks to the chest of Marcel. Marcel hit a headscissors takeover, a flying crossbody, and a Northern Lights suplex for two. Papadon hit a clothesline that turned Remy inside out and then hit a really nice spike piledriver for the finish.


Chris Dickinson told the interviewer to shut up and told the world that he was angry and bitter because he had something to prove. Dickinson said he was professional wrestling and called Gentleman Jervis an insult to professional wrestling. He said that he could keep talking all day and that they would need to send someone to shut him up. Anthony Idol showed up and cut a very 80s style promo, challenging Dickinson to a match and that they could fight tonight.


Chris Dickinson defeated Anthony idol

Idol and Dickenson collided with shoulder tackles and were unable to knock each other over. Idol hit a back elbow and dropped Dickinson before hitting a back drop for two. Dickinson hit a hard chop and blocked a corner charge with a kick. Dickinson dropped Idol with a DDT and started to trash talk him.

Dickinson went for an armbar, but Idol stacked him and hit a spinebuster for a near fall. Idol hit a chokeslam for two and tried for a few more power moves, but Dickinson managed to hit a death valley driver for the win.

Dickinson continued to call for more competition. I think setting up a match between he and NWA World Champion Nick Aldis might be something that could draw eyes for the NWA and UWN.


Allysin Kay defeated Nicole Savoy

Kay took Savoy over and they grappled on the mat for a little bit. Savoy invited Kay into her guard and as Kay reached in, Savoy rolled into an armdrag in a nice spot. Kay took out the legs and continued to roll for submissions. Savoy countered into a triangle choke, but her shoulders were down so she had to let it go. Savoy hit a butterfly suplex on Kay, but Kay managed to continue to attack Savoy's leg.

Savoy hit a Saito suplex and went for a waist lock, but Kay countered with a rolling kneebar. Kay caught a kick and took out Savoy’s knee again. Savoy and Kay exchanged forearms in the middle of the ring, but Savoy hit an uppercut palm strike and a German suplex. Savoy went for a fireman’s carry, but her knee gave out.

Savoy hit a knee to Kay for two. She went for a figure four, but Savoy kicked Kay out of it and rolled her up for a two count. Kay was able to counter into a pin of her own to win the match.

This was pretty good. I liked that they tried to make it mostly submission based and it gave the impression that with one little adjustment, Savoy could have gotten the win.

Kay pointed at the camera and called out NWA Women's Champion Thunder Rosa -- a rematch that should be a big one if they build it right. So far, so good.


Aron Stevens cut a quick promo about the main event. It’s interesting to note that May Valentine is now doing these interviews. I wonder what her role will be now that Royce Isaacs has left the NWA.


Ruby Raze defeated Cece Chanel

Chanel jumped into the air to grab Raze’s hand in a test of strength and locked on a wrist lock. Chanel hit a series of hard forearms and then a kick to Ruby's head. Cece butterfly locked the arms, but was unable to lift Raze. Raze, however, had not been able to get any offense in until she hit a back elbow to Cece's face.

Raze hit a shoulder tackle and then blocked another butterfly suplex attempt. Raze took the next few minutes using power moves to keep the smaller Chanel down. Chanel dodged a chop, hit a few strikes, and went for a butterfly suplex again, but Ruby countered and hit a Strong Zero for the win.


Robert Bates defeated Jack Cartwright

Bates came out wearing a painted Storm Trooper helmet that screamed indie geek, complete with goofy facials when he took off his helmet in the match. Cartwright has gymnastics experience and was not afraid to show it. Bates spent the early portion of the match hitting a series of power holds. Cartwright managed to hit a power slam, but missed a shooting star press attempt. Bates then locked on a cobra clutch for the win.


Trevor Murdoch defeated Aron Stevens to become the new NWA National Champion

Stevens charged right away and Murdoch dropped him with a huge right hand. Every time Stevens tried something, there would be a series of counters that ended with Murdoch dropping Stevens with a punch. Both men exchanged strikes in the corner, charged for clotheslines, and then Murdoch hit another big right hand.

Murdoch slammed Stevens’ head into the ring steps and dropped him again in the middle of the ring with a clothesline. Murdoch hit a second and a third, but Stevens kicked out at two. They spilled on to the entrance ramp and Murdoch threw Stevens off the ramp and toward the wall. Stevens grabbed a spotlight and shone the light in Murdoch’s face to blind him.

Stevens then began to get the heat by hitting a series of elbows in the corner. Stevens choked Murdoch with his black belt in Mongrovian Karate. I don’t know how the ref couldn’t see it as it was clearly hanging there around Murdoch's neck. Stevens hit the ropes, but Murdoch hit a spinebuster and both men were down. Murdoch got up first and went to the top rope and hit a flying cross body for two.

Murdoch tried to float over in the corner, but Stevens took out his knee and began to attack it with submission attempts. Murdoch shoved Stevens through the ropes and onto the ramp before bringing him in the hard way and hitting a huge full nelson slam.

Murdoch went to the top rope for the bulldog again, but Stevens ducked down and Murdoch crashed to the mat. Stevens hit a rolling elbow, but Murdoch kicked out. Stevens went for a sunset flip, but Murdoch sat down and got the pinfall victory to win the title

I expect that this was where NWA Power was going before the pandemic hit, and it would have been nice to see this happen with a crowd as Murdoch’s story was actually quite nice. He cut a promo after the match about how he did this for his kids and had tears in his eyes. That was great. UWN and the NWA sent us home with a happy ending for the evening which I can’t help but feel great about.

The show ended with a series of highlights from all the matches and credits for all the staff that worked on it. That all felt very old school.

Overall, this wasn't a bad episode, though not as good as last week.