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WrestleCade SuperShow results: Cornette's last match as manager


Submitted by reader Jake Koch

As part of their convention in Winston-Salem, North Carolina this weekend, WrestleCade presented a show opposite WWE's Starrcade event last night. Here are the results:

- The Extreme Horsemen defeated The Squad, The Heatseekers, and The Boys

The Extreme Horsemen won with a slingshot superkick on one of the Squad members.

- Billy Gunn defeated Carlito

Gunn sold for most of the match after being posted by Carlito on the outside. For the finish, he hit the Famouser when Carlito accidentally spit the apple in the referee's face and they were arguing about it.

- Zane Dawson defeated Tommy Dreamer and Luke Hawx

Hawx had a bandage on his head, with Kevin Kelly saying on commentary that he was doing stunt work for a movie and was injured. Dreamer wore Dusty Rhodes yellow and black tights with the House of Hardcore logo on them.

Dawson pinned Dreamer with a lariat after Dreamer gave a Death Valley Driver to Hawx.

After the match, Dreamer got on the mic to say he wears Dusty Rhodes' colors so nobody will forget Rhodes' brilliance. He talked about Rhodes making Starrcade an event, saying he knows WWE's Starrcade was just down the road and thanking the fans for selling WrestleCade out. He said this was where real wrestling and fans were.

- Jerry Lawler defeated George South

The highlight was South's mic work before the match. He insulted the crowd and said he waited a long time to get Lawler in the ring. He said he was going to dedicate the match to his "good friend" Andy Kaufman and use the piledriver to beat Lawler. Lawler then got on the mic and said he'd use a move from his good friend Steve Austin. He hit a weak stunner on South and the match began.

Lawler won by using his feet on the ropes for the pin. The referee saw it, but he let it slide because South kept pushing him during the match.

- The Veterans of War (Wilcox & Mayweather) defeated Bobby Lashley & King Mo

VOW hit a double team cutter on Mo for the pin as Lashley was tossed to the outside.

- Caleb Konley, Juventud Guerrera & Super Crazy defeated Willie Mack, PJ Black & Jason Kincaid

Konley, Guerrera, and Super Crazy won in a wild finish. Mack went crazy and hit stunners on everyone, including his own team. He tried to hit one on the referee, but the ref blocked it and hit Mack with one of his own. Guerrera was able to hit a big splash and there was a pile on for the pin.

- Jungle Grrrl defeated Amber O'Neal by DQ in a WOW match

This was an overbooked mess. The ref was bumped, then Lana Star tried to help O'Neal but accidentally hit her with some sort of glass object. The ref was knocked down and couldn't make the count. O'Neal hit an X-Factor, but a second ref was pulled out of the ring.

The Beast ran in and chokeslammed Jungle Grrrl, gave O'Neal a DDT, and gave Star a chokeslam when Star tried to suck up to her. It was announced that Jungle Grrrl won by DQ because The Beast touched her first.

- Dan Severn (w/ Jim Cornette) defeated Josh Woods

Severn pinned Woods suddenly as Woods was trying to lock in an armbar. Cornette and Severn shook Woods' hand after the match and put him over on the mic.

Cornette then thanked the fans and mentioned this was his last match as a manager after 35 years. He said he didn't want to keep coming out and risk hurting himself and being laughed at. He noted that he's been around the world and could have chosen anywhere to end his managerial run, but the Carolinas are what started his career.

He thanked Dusty Rhodes, Jim Crockett Promotions, and The Midnight Express for allowing him to work with them and making his career.

- Hurricane Helms won a battle royal to win the Top Rope Belts title

Other wrestlers in this included Mr. Hughes, Tracy Smothers, Bobby Fulton, Kevin Thorne, Crazzy Steve, D'Lo Brown, Swoggle, and several local names.

- Ryback defeated Joey Mercury

Ryback won with the Shell Shock, which came when he popped right up after Mercury hit a Pedigree.

- The announcers said WrestleCade expected over 4,000 people this weekend.

- Helms received his title for winning the battle royal, which came off like a sponsored segment for Top Rope Belts.

- Ivelisse defeated Taya Valkyrie in a no DQ match

Ivelisse submitted Valkyrie with a choke while using a big steel chain after Valkyrie missed an elbow drop and crashed into a table. A chair, ladder, kendo stick, trash can, table, metal sheet, and chains were used in the match.

This was the only match to feature brawling in the crowd. Ivelisse bled a bit after a shot to the head from the metal sheet.

- Impact Global Champion Eli Drake defeated Johnny Impact and Jack Swagger to retain his title

Swagger was introduced by Dutch Mantell. He came out with his wife Catalina Swagger and they did a fun Dancing with the Stars bit.

Drake got the pin on Impact by using his feet on the ropes following Impact hitting Starship Pain on Swagger.

Catalina Swagger got involved during the match a lot, including Jack making the save when Drake picked her up and pressed her over his head. She slapped Impact, with Valkyrie coming out and carrying her to the back.

Drake got on the mic to brag after his win. Valkyrie and Catalina then came out as friends with kendo sticks and forced him back into the ring. Swagger and Impact held Drake so Valkyrie could chop him, then both women hit him with the kendo sticks. Impact and Swagger put Drake in a double ankle lock before letting him escape the ring.