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WrestleCon settles financial issues with Marriott Tampa Westshore


WrestleCon has settled their financial issue with the Marriott Tampa (Florida) Westshore over the cancellation of their WrestleMania weekend events.

“Thanks to Marriott Westshore for agreeing to honor the Force Majeure clause and not holding either our guests or WC responsible for the liquidated damages,” WrestleCon wrote on Twitter. “The Emergency Declaration by [Florida Governor Ron] DeSantis to cancel events over the next 30 days was a major factor.”

Marriott initially pushed back on WrestleCon trying to get out of their contract, claiming they were still owed more than $114,000 for the early cancellation as they were "prepared to perform as agreed." This, despite WWE moving WrestleMania to Orlando, FL, and increasing regulations on groups of 50 or more congregating in an effort to combat the coronavirus.

The response was met with a backlash in the wrestling industry, most notably with Chris Jericho taking notice and calling out the company over their inital stance.

WrestleCon added that the New York Yankees and Steinbrenner Field (where the convention portion of their weekend events was happening) agreed to return their down payment due to the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

The organization is still currently waiting for The Ritz in Ybor City (where their in-ring shows were to take place) to make a decision on refunding money over the cancellations, as well as the bus company they contracted.

They noted that everyone of their 3500+ orders will get a refund, but that it will take a while to work through everything.

These events come as WWE officially made plans to move WrestleMania 36 from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, to their Performance Center in Orlando. All events that were to take place that weekend have either been cancelled or postponed to a later date.