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WWN Supershow results: Matt Riddle vs. Will Ospreay


WWN's annual Supershow took place as part of WrestleMania week tonight, with Matt Riddle defending his newly-won EVOLVE Championship against Will Ospreay in the main event: Here are full results from the show:

DJZ, Trey Miguel & AR Fox defeated Austin Theory, Zachary Wentz & Travis Banks

This was a Dragon Gate-style rules match where tags weren’t required. Fox did a crazy inverted 450 splash to the outside. There was a big spot where everyone lined up for a draping DDT, with Miguel finishing with a neckbreaker that sent everyone reeling.

It was a fast, frenetic opener with a lot of cool dives and spots. DJZ picked up the win for his team with a 450 splash on Wentz.

DJZ and Theory exchanged words after the bout. That seems to be the next WWN title program.

Jason Kincaid came out for his match, but Jarek 1:20 jumped him. The attack stemmed from an angle from earlier in the afternoon at EVOLVE 103. Jarek also laid out a referee. He took a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Kincaid to a guardrail, wrapped a chair around him, and gave him a big boot. Referees finally came in and broke it up.

Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Munenori Sawa

Sawa and Sabre lit each other up with hard slaps. A few minutes in, Sawa’s neck was blotchy due to all the hard strikes. Sawa was in control until they met on the apron. Sabre wrenched his arm, then tied him up on the ropes.

Sabre started targeting an arm, but Sawa came back with an octopus stretch. Sabre looked for a cross armbreaker, but Sawa countered and tried for one of his own. Sabre locked in his Orienteering with Napalm Death submission and Sawa quickly submitted in what was a fun, hard-hitting technical match.

Anthony Henry & James Drake defeated Dominic Garrini & Tracy Williams and The End in a New Orleans street fight

Garrini started things off with a big dive to the floor.There were lots of ladder and weapons shots. They built to a spot where Parrow was powerbombed into a table, but the table did not break. Henry wrapped a ladder on Garrini’s foot and both Drake and Henry hit the leg with steel chair shots.

Odinson and Parrow hit the Super Collider and brought tables back into the ring. Odinson speared Garrini into a table that was set up in the corner. Drake hit a moonsault on Parrow, but Henry broke it up and told him to end it -- I thought he was just about to?

They destroyed both members of The End with chair shots, then pinned Odinson after Henry did a double foot stomp through a table, which again didn’t break. Fun brawl.

SHINE Champion LuFisto defeated Holidead to retain her title

LuFisto pinned Holidead with a Burning Hammer after Holidead missed a leg drop off the top rope. Short back-and-forth match that was solid overall.

LuFisto said she is the women’s revolution and everything else is a marketing gimmick for Barbie dolls. At SHINE 50, she doesn’t care who they bring, she will take them down. She will have the SHINE title until she retires. Kimber Lee came out and had a staredown with LuFisto, indicating she may be next.

Daisuke Sekimoto defeated Keith Lee

They started off slow, testing one another. It turned into a chopping battle, with Lee getting the better of it initially. Sekimoto powerslammed Lee and tackled him to the corner, applying an abdominal stretch. Lee escaped and went to suplex Sekimoto, but Sekimoto countered by suplexing him.

Favoring his back, Lee was in control. He hit a Spirit Bomb. Sekimoto fought back and hit a straightjacket German suplex for the win.

Nick Gage made his way out after the match and laid out Lee. Security ran in, but Gage laid them all out as well. He cut a promo on Lee and the upcoming Style Battle event tomorrow. Lee got to his feet after the match and cut a promo of his own.

EVOLVE Tag Team Champions Catch Point (Chris Dickinson & Jaka) defeated Ringkampf (WALTER & Timothy Thatcher) to retain their titles

Ringkampf worked on Jaka and kept him grounded. Dickinson got the hot tag, kept Thatcher grounded with an armbar, and continued to tag in Jaka -- who isolated Thatcher from WALTER. WALTER eventually did get tagged in and started chopping everyone.

Dickinson and WALTER started booting and kicking the tar out of one another as Jaka and Thatcher came in. WALTER took Jaka to the corner and Dickinson tried to break it up, but WALTER caught him in a sleeper. Jaka then splashed WALTER. Thatcher went for the butterfly suplex on Jaka, but Dickinson came in from behind and Catch Point were able to plant Thatcher with the Death Trap for the win. Really good tag match, some good mat wrestling early.

Tracy Williams grabbed the mic and said that is what Catch Point is all about. He said they need to address the elephant in the room. He turned his attention to Stokely Hathaway, saying his services are no longer needed. Hathaway said he owns Catch Point and he can’t be fired, but he can fire Williams.

Garrini low blowed Williams from behind. Dickinson ripped off Williams’ shirt and left him laying.

EVOLVE Champion Matt Riddle defeated Will Ospreay to retain his title

Things started off hot quickly with both of them taking it to the apron, where Riddle laid out Ospreay with a German suplex. There was some good back and forth from here. Ospreay hit a standing Shooting Star Press and a side slam for some near falls. Riddle responded with a powerbomb and a knee strike.

Riddle went for a rear naked choke, but Ospreay climbed to the top rope and looked to slam him. Riddle reversed it and sent him crashing to the ground. Referees came in and pretended like Ospreay was badly hurt. Riddle was taken to the corner as Ospreay slowly got up, then Riddle smashed him with a knee and removed the tape on his neck, following that up with a senton.

Riddle went for a cradle piledriver, but Ospreay sunk in a triangle. Riddle escaped and started to fight back. Ospreay went for the OsCutter, but Riddle caught him in the Bromission and Ospreay had no other option but to tap.

Great match, probably one of the top matches of the weekend thus far, though I didn’t like the injury spot. This match didn’t need it. Regardless, both men complimented each other well and they had a great bout.