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wXw 16 Carat Gold night three results: Ilja Dragunov vs. Matt Riddle


Submitted by Markus Gronemann from Oberhausen, Germany, for

16 Carat weekend concluded with another very strong show as Absolute Andy beat David Starr in the finals, earning a shot at the wXw World Unified Wrestling Championship and furthering his "veteran vs. rookies" storyline (where pretty much everyone besides himself is a rookie).

- wXw 16 Carat Gold 2018 semifinals: David Starr pinned Keith Lee

Match went 13:19 and ended after Starr hit the JML Driver 104. This was a very good match with a David (no pun intended) vs. Goliath story. Lee beat the ever-living crap out of Starr who kept coming back and eventually scored the win.

- wXw 16 Carat Gold 2018 semifinals: Absolute Andy submitted Timothy Thatcher

Match went 13:02 and Andy won via sleeper hold cutback cradle. Andy pulled the ref in the way a few times and eventually hit a mule kick into the nether regions behind the ref's back and then applied the sleeper for the win. Thatcher was heartbroken and WALTER came out to check on him. Post match, Ivan Kiev came out and demanded that the tag title match, which RISE (Kiev & Da Mack) had become no. 1 contenders for the previous night, also take place on this card. WALTER & Thatcher agreed.

- Emil Sitoci defeated Lucky Kid, Mark Haskins & Alexander James in a four way

Match went 7:25 and Sitoci won after hitting a Spinning Tombstone on Haskins. Lots of flying and quick spots.

- wXw Women's Champion Toni Storm defeated Killer Kelly, Session Moth Martina & Wesna in a four-way

The match went 7:05 and ended after Storm hit the Strong Zero on Martina. Wesna was a surprise as she only does limited dates these days. Martina ran away from big, scary Wesna, but she eventually caught her and lay a beating on her. Lots of brawling and dives to the outside in a really good match. Toni hit her piledriver on Martina for the win.

- wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion Ilja Dragunov pinned Matt Riddle

Match went 12:36 and ended after the champion hit the Torpedo Moskau. Riddle came out and issued an open challenge to anybody in the back. Ilja came out to another gigantic reaction and told Riddle he's accepting and putting his title on the line as well. They beat each other up with punches, kicks, chops and suplexes. This was one of the top matches of the weekend.

- CCK (Travis Banks & Chris Brookes) & Jonah Rock defeated Marius Al-Ani , "Speedball" Mike Bailey & Matt Sydal

Match went 14:25 and ended when Banks pinned Sydall with the Kiwi Crusher. This was the crazy spot fest match on the card and they hit everything under the sun with lots of dives, flips, somersaults, moonsaults. and shooting stars. It was really fast paced and entertaining.

- RISE (John 'Bad Bones' Klinger & Da Mack) defeated RINGKAMPF Tag Champions (WALTER & Timothy Thatcher) to win the titles

The match went 11:07 and ended when Mack hit the Killswitch on Thatcher for the win and the title change. This was also a setup/backdrop for a major angle with RISE, Bad Bones' heel group, which also includes Da Mack, Tarkan Aslan & Lucky Kid (The Young Lions), Ivan Kiev and Pete Bouncer. Bouncer and Bones have had problems for months, with Bones questioning Bouncer's abilities and criticizing him as being injury prone (Bouncer legit injured his shoulder a while back). Bouncer in turn criticized Bones as leader of the group, claiming that Bones mostly acted selfishly and needed the group to protect his title, but didn't really care about their successes and careers.

So RISE came out to the entrance as a group, as they always do. Kiev then took the mic and said that Bones always wanted everyone in the group to have their own project, and this was his project, but he was not having the match with Mack as his partner, but with Pete Bouncer (who took his track jacket off and was ripped). The crowd went crazy, as they had been waiting for Bouncer to return/turn for ages. Bones then said this was not happening as the office had been told it was Da Mack and himself competing. Bouncer was seething and Kiev also was upset, but they eventually left.

RISE eventually won after a hard fought match. During the post-match celebration when the other members had Bones on their shoulders to celebrate, Bouncer yanked Bones down and gave him a DDT to a huge pop. As he got to ringside, Kiev was unsure about what to do, but the other members convinced him to leave Bouncer alone and so he reluctanty did the RISE signal (raised forefinger) and went to the back with him, leaving Bouncer on his own.

WALTER also consoled Thatcher, apologized for losing the titles and thanked him for his efforts with RINGKAMPF. Thatcher was despondent, was left in the ring for a bit, and eventually just said "Auf Wiedersehen" (Goodbye in German) into the mic and left.

- wXw 16 Carat Gold 2018 Finals: Absolute Andy pinned 'The Product' David Starr

The finals went 22:00 and ended after Andy hit three F5s, a top-rope F5, and the A-Klasse

This was a great match and a worthy main event. Crowd was solidly behind Starr and chanted, sang and cheered for him throughout the match. There were a ton of near falls for both men and the crowd was into every last one of them. At one point, Andy took out his pipe wrench but the referee took it away, prompting Andy to get a chair instead, but David thwarted the attack.

After a ref bump, Andy got the pipe wrench again, but Marius Al-Ani came out and took it away and Starr used the chair on Andy for another near fall. Thy traded finishers but neither could keep the other down for the count. Andy hit three F5s, but wouldn't pin Starr, despite the ref telling him that Starr was out. He gave him another F5 off the top, of which Starr kicked out of to a massive pop. Starr got on his knees and gave Andy the double middle finger, but Andy hit him and hit the A-Klasse (sort of a splash mountain/Razor's Edge setup into a face first slam) for the win.

Andy post-match said that he was the best, the only veteran, everybody else was rookies, and the fans sucked.