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wXw 16 Carat Gold night two results: World title match surprise


Submitted by Markus Gronemann from Oberhausen, Germany, for

wXW 16 Carat Gold night 2 and the big world title match are in the books and the promotion really delivered big on a big Saturday of wrestling here.

- wXw Tag Team Title Shot Four-Way: RISE (Da Mack & Ivan Kiev) defeated Jay FK (Francis Kaspin & Jay Skillet); Mark Haskins & Matt Sydal; and Monster Consulting (Avalanche & Julian Nero)

- 16 Carat Gold Quarterfinals: Keith Lee defeated Chris Brookes

Lee did some impressive power spots and is really over here.

- 16 Carat Gold Quarterfinals: Timothy Thatcher defeated Lucky Kid (w/Tarkan Aslan)

This would be match of the night on some cards. Kid is like a crazy hyena at times and Thatcher is no-nonsense. Tremendous match.

- 16 Carat Gold Quarterfinals: David Starr defeated Travis Banks

Another good outing for both guys.

- 16 Carat Gold Quarterfinals: Absolute Andy defeated Matt Riddle

Riddle again hit a flying knee like against Mack the day before for the five second win, but Andy got his foot on the rope and the ref restarted the match. This was brilliant because Andy only advanced the day before because the ref didn't see Maris Al-Anis' foot on the rope. They had a really good match that Andy won with a top rope F5.

- Alexander James defeated Jonah Rock

This was a good, but not great, big guy vs. technical smaller guy.

- wXw Shotgun Champion Bobby Gunns defeated Mike Bailey

This was a tremendous match with tons of near falls and near submissions. Gunns finally tapped him with a Fujiwara armbar.

- wXw Women's Champion Toni Storm defeated Melanie Gray

This was arguably the best women's match in wXw and maybe in Germany ever. They worked a hard style including dives and brawling around the ring. Both unsuccessfully went for their finishers right from the opening bell. Gray hit Storm's snap piledriver for a near fall. Storm picked up the win with her piledriver in as good as any title match in wXw you'll see

- Ilja Dragunov defeated John Klinger (c) and WALTER to win the wXw Unified World Wrestling Title in a three-way

The match, which was supposed to see WALTER challenge for the world title held by Bad Bones John Klinger, had a secret stipulation which WALTER got to announce before the match. He said he owed someone a favor and made it a three way involving the returning Ilja Dragunov, who most had considered to be retired. When he came out, the 1050 fans in attendance virtually blew the roof off the place.

The match itself was emotional, hard-hitting, and a highly dramatic affair, masterfully orchestrated and executed by three of the very top workers in Europe at this time. Think last year's WALTER/Ilja Carat finals, but tuned up to 11, and including one of the most hated champs in recent history. I highly recommend anybody watch it as soon as it gets released in a few days.

WALTER & Ilja attacked Bones and the other RISE members tried to interfere, but were thwarted by WALTER & Ilja and then Avalanche, Julian Nero and Thatcher came out to remove them from the arena. After some teamwork, WALTER kicked Ilja in the head and the chopfest began with Ilja's chest being raw, bloody meat after a few minutes. They threw one of the guys outside a few times and worked single spots. It culminated more and more with near falls and near submissions and the crowd was buying into all of them.

Dragunov eventually won the title after removing WALTER from the ring, hitting his Torpedo Moskau charging headbutt on Bones for a near fall, and then suplexing Bones on his head and hitting another Torpedo Moskau for the clean win.

The crowd was going crazy. Fireworks went off and Ilja got on the mic and told his son Konstantin that “Daddy had made it“ and that he was back, didn't know if he still had the energy in him to do this match, but he had and his reign would be "UN-BE-SIEG-BAR" (unbeatable, his catch phrase).


There were four shows here Saturday, one a joint effort of six German promotions organized by wXw, one smaller local show, AMBITION 9 and Carat Night 2. Here are some quick results:

WrestlingKULT: Kult goes Carat

- International Cult Cup Title #1 Contendership three-way: Italian Dream defeated Julian Pace and Toby Blunt

- Keel Holding (Aaron Insane & Sasa Keel) defeated Soldiers Of Fortune 2.0 (Andrei Ivanov & Sean Lucas to win the WrestlingKULT tag titles

- International Cult Cup Title #1 Contendership three-way: Kris Jokic defeated Mark Benjamin and The Rotation

- Johnny Evers & Mot van Kunder defeated Muskelkater (Michael Schenkenberg & Toni Harting) to become #1 contenders for the WrestlingKULT tag titles

- Melanie Gray defeated Amale Winchester and Killer Kelly and Shanna in a four-way to become the first Women of KULT champion

- Tristan Archer defeated Dominik Brackner to win the WrestlingKULT champion

AMBITION 9 (shoot style promotion)

- AMBITION 9 first round match: Timothy Thatcher defeated Alexander James

- AMBITION 9 first round match: Bobby Gunns defeated Marius Al-Ani

- AMBITION 9 first round match: Mike Bailey defeated Jonah Rock

- AMBITION 9 first round match: David Starr defeated Laurance Roman

- AMBITION Superfight: Matt Riddle defeated WALTER by ref stoppage

- AMBITION 9 semifinals: Timothy Thatcher defeated Bobby Gunns

- AMBITION 9 semifinals: Mike Bailey defeated David Starr

- AMBITION 9 finals: Timothy Thatcher defeated Mike Bailey

#WrestlingDeutschland (showcase for smaller promotions and schools)

- Icarus defeated Tristan Archer (GWP)

- Lukas Robinson & Matthias Bernstein defeated Rock'n Roll Radicalz (Fynn Freyhart & Tim Karstens) (MWA)

- Schwinger Club (Brent Rogers, Gareth Noah & Rick Baxxter) defeated Chris Rocke, Laurance Roman & Zeritus (Next Step Wrestling)

- Kris Jokic defeated Italian Dream and Senza Volto to win the vacant International Cult Cup title (WrestlingKULT)

- Julian Pace & Pretty Bastards (Maggot & Prince Ahura) defeated Marius van Beethoven, Timo Theiss & Timo Zimone (wXw Wrestling Academy)

- Maximum Wrestling European Cruiserweight Champion Michael Knight defeated Ivan Kiev