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wXw Amerika ist Wunderbar live results: David Starr vs. Lucky Kid


For the first time in their history, Germany's wXw was part of WrestleMania week.

The show "Amerika ist Wunderbar" ("America is wonderful", also is a line in the Rammstein song "Amerika") was a good presentation of what the company and its current crop of key talent is all about even though stars like WALTER, Ilja Dragunov, Killer Kelly and women's champion/semi-regular Toni Storm were missing from the show as they are under WWE deals.

Before the the show, a backstage segment taped back in Germany aired where David Starr (who never was able to beat WALTER and again failed to do so during wXw's 16 Carat Gold tournament earlier this March) confronted Lucky Kid (who won the tournament, beating WALTER in the finals).

The show itself opened with a well-produced video, running down the main matches of the show.

LAX (Ortiz & Santana) beat The Crown (Jurn Simmons & Alexander James)

Ortiz and James started and "The Prince of Pro" quickly took him down, but Ortiz came back with a suplex. He tagged out and LAX worked AJ over for a bit. The heels then used some shady tactics to take over and Simmons and Santana ended up in the ring together. Later on, Jurn showed his raw power and threw Ortiz around like he weighed nothing. The Crown worked together well, isolating Ortiz and hitting a double vertical suplex before Jurn choked him as James distracted referee Tassilo Jung. Ortiz eventually staged his own comeback and tagged out to Santana.

Santana hit a Death Valley face buster on James but then missed a double foot stomp and was sent to ringside. LAX came back and took out James with Santana hitting a frog splash for a close near fall but Simmons made the save at the very last second. He hit the massive boot on Ortiz before the Crown plucked Santana from mid-air and hit a double chokeslam on him for another close fall.

The Crown ripped Santana's headband off and went for Simmon's decapitation spot, but Ortiz stopped him and LAX hit a stereo slam on James for the victory.

Avalanche pinned Darby Allin

Avalanche was very popular and got chants as soon as he entered the ring. He immediately threw Allin down, who fled to ringside and started playing mind games. He evaded some of Avalanche's offense, but quickly got caught and thrown across the ring for his trouble. The crowd started chanting "Auf die Fresse!" (basically smash him in the mouth), and Avalanche happily complied. He hit a body slam and a big splash for a near fall, but Allin still had some gas left in the tank.

Allin actually managed to hit a Code Red on Avalanche, but quickly ran into a massive Samoan Drop for another close fall. Allin evaded a corner charge and went for a Fujiwara armbar, but Avalanche easily made the ropes. Avalanche hit a Liger Driver and shortly thereafter followed up with the DRSKR Bomb for the victory.

Jordynne Grace pinned Yuu

This was supposed to have been Yuu vs. LuFisto, but LuFisto had to go back to Canada due to a family emergency. They jockeyed for position early on, but neither woman could get a real advantage. Grace showed her athleticism with a nip-up and handspring. After some more offense by Yuu, Grace came back with double knees to the back of Yuu's head, a hip attack, and a Vader Bomb for a near fall. Yuu deadlifted Grace into tombstone position and hit a front slam for another two count.

Yuu came back with a judo throw and went for a piledriver, but Grace evaded the move with a back body drop. Grace went for an airplane spin and slammed her hard for another near fall. Yuu tried to go for a German suplex, but Grace blocked the move and hit a pump handle driver for the win.

- A video of Emil Sitoci winning the wXw Shotgun title in a three way over then-champion Marius Al Ani and Julian Pace in March at 16 Carat Gold 2019: Frankfurt.

wXw Shotgun Champion Emil Sitoci beat Marius Al Ani to retain

Both men started out strong with a fast pace with Sitoci pounding on Al Ani in the corner while Al Ani came back with a dropkick. They traded lucha arm drags and Sitoci hit a nice Frankensteiner for a near fall. Al Ani came back with a nip-up into an enzuigiri and went for a quick cover. Al Ani posed for the crowd, but quickly was caught with a backslide.

Al Ani hit a scissors kick onto Sitoci as he was entering the ring. Sitoci pulled him out of the ring and slammed him into the barriers. Back inside, both men traded offense with Al ANi going for the ankle lock, but Sitoci escaped and hit a gut buster and flying elbow off the top for two. Sitoci went for the Snapmare Driver, but Al Ani threw him off and went for the ankle lock, but didn't get quite get it. Sitoci came back with a cutter style suplex.

They traded offense until Al Ani hit a sunset flip, nip up, and exploder suplex for another close call. Al Ani went for the frog splash but posed too long and ate a super kick by Sitoci. Sitoci then hit a Spanish Fly off the top for his first successful title defense.

Lucky Kid submitted David Starr

They locked up and wrestled around on the mat with neither man letting go. Starr went to ringside and Lucky teased a dive, but then did his sit down spot where he mocks his opponent. He then followed up with a dive over the top, but Starr caught him on a second attempt and slammed him onto the apron. Back in the ring, Starr started slapping and chopping Lucky in the corner.

As Starr once more told the crowd that he made WALTER tap out, Lucky rolled him up for a two. Starr followed up with his Han Stansen lariat, then worked over Lucky's arm, then hit a wheel kick, and almost got the victory. Lucky came back with some quick offense that included flipping over on a German suplex attempt and hitting his handspring back elbow off the ropes. Lucky tried to go for the tilt-a-whirl cross face but Starr escaped and hit another lariat.

Lucky took over with a flurry of strikes, but was hit with a flurry of Starr's offense and a quick superkick. He came back with another handspring elbow but Starr caught him mid-air and turned the momentum into a stiff German suplex. Both men turned things up with hard headbutts and more until Lucky caught Starr in a flash cradle for a two count and Starr hit a brutal powerbomb on his own knee and seemed to momentarily have lost it. Starr again screamed about how he made WALTER tap and Lucky, who was down and almost out, gave him the finger.

Lucky got back up and staggered around punch drunk, eating lariat after lariat. Starr wound up for another lariat but Lucky caught him in the RISE Lock. Starr powered out but Lucky immediately hit another RISE Lock. Lucky no sold a suplex by Starr, then hit 450 double knees off the top, followed by another RISE Lock. Starr went to escape but Lucky rolled through and finally made Starr tap.

After the match, Starr cut another angry promo, this time targeted at WWE. He said that he was disgusted with the fans as they allowed the evil corporate giant to invade independent wrestling. He said he was an independent wrestler and that certain wrestlers couldn't show up at these shows as he was working for a corporation that didn't provide healthcare to their wrestlers. He said that next time he would wrestle WALTER, he would beat him. Then, he quit wXw.

- A pre-taped segment with Schadenfreude (Chris Brookes and Aussie Open) aired which was interrupted by Absolute Andy. He told them to have respect and not to touch him as his sunglasses cost 400 Euros, more than the three of them make in a month. Schadenfreude kept disrespecting him and he told Brookes he's beat him.

Chris Brookes pinned Absolute Andy

Before the match started, Andy pulled Brookes out of the ring and they brawled around ringside with Brookes taking over. Andy stayed outside and ate a dive by Brookes for his troubles. Brookes then got up on the railing and hit a double foot stomp onto Andy on the floor. Andy tried to powerbomb Brookes on the apron, but Brookes managed to land on the apron with his feet and hit another foot stomp onto Andy's face.

At that point, the match got officially started. Andy went for a big backbreaker early on, but ate a number of chops in return. He evaded Andy in the corner and hit a senton onto Andy's back from the middle rope, followed by a suplex. Andy came back with a Double A spinebuster and a suplex of his own. Andy then went for a top rope moonsault, but missed his target. Brookes locked in an Octopus hold, but Andy made the ropes and then quickly followed up with a top rope overhead belly-to-belly.

Brookes hit a chop and went for a springboard move but got superkicked out of mid air. Andy went for an F-5, but Brookes escaped and turned the move into a flash rollup for the pin.

wXw World Tag Team Champions Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davies) def. The Workhorsemen (JD Drake & Anthony Henry) to retain

Aussie Open didn't have the tag team titles with them for some reason. The crowd was split 50/50 with chants early on. Henry and Fletcher started out and each man broke clean in the corner, rolling back and teasing their opponent. Henry took over with some quick offense and worked over Fletcher's arm before tagging in Drake. The big man took over with a hard chop and pounded on the "Aussie Arrow".

Fletcher eventually managed to tag out and "Dunkzilla" came in and no sold some chop attempts by Henry. The Workhorsemen hit a slingshot-neckbreaker-codebreaker combo on Fletcher and kept working the young Australian over. The Workhorsemen kept smartly tagging and isolated Fletcher from his partner until Fletcher finally managed to roll through the ring and hot tag Davies. Drake and Davies finally met for the first time in the match and traded hard chops. Drake then worked over both men including getting Fletcher to DDT his own partner on a neckbreaker spot. Fletcher held his own and Aussie Open took out Henry on the outside before focusing on Drake back in the ring.

All four men traded big moves in the ring, culminating with Drake and Davies facing off again. Drake hit a big moonsault and the Workhorsemen almost had the tag titles in their grasp. In the end, Davies hit his pull-up piledriver on Henry before they finished him off with a double slam for the victory.

wXw World Unified Wrestling Champion Bobby Gunns defeated Shigehiro Irie to retain

Gunns came out with some pyro but an unlit cigarette as arenas in the U.S. take smoking prohibitions more serious than those in Germany.

Irie took over early and beat Gunns down and then hit his pivoting splash off the ropes for a two count. Gunns tried the SWIFT armbar but Irie countered out of the move. Gunns took over and worked on Irie's arm, including hitting an armbar over the ropes. Gunns kept working over the arm until he was caught in a surprise Black Hole Slam.

Irie went to the top and hit a massive big splash and then even flipped himself over on impact, but only managed to get a two count. A brief comeback by Gunns was met with a stiff lariat, but he popped right back up. The two then traded a number of brutal German suplexes until Irie crashed into the champ with a big pounce. They ended up on the apron and Gunns proceeded to snap Irie's fingers. As Gunns went for an attack running across the apron, Irie caught him and hit a piledriver on the apron which sent both men to the outside.

Irie hot a top rope elbow onto Gunns just as he entered through the ropes, following it up with a vicious cannonball into the corner. He then hit another stiff lariat, but it seemed like he injured his own arm in the process, which Bobby had weakened before. After a suplex off the top, Gunns tried to deadlift Irie for a German but the big man escaped. Gunns went for a hammerlock and had Irie on the edge of submission, but Irie actually bit the rope to break the hold. 

Irie hit a brutal piledriver and looked to have things won, but Bobby made it back to his feet, hit a half-and-half suplex and finally managed to lock in an armbar, forcing Irie to tap out.

As Bobby was about to celebrate, Joey Janela's music hit and the man himself came out to "Bad Boy" chants. Gunns lit a cigarette and Janela did the same, stealing Gunns' lighter in the process. He looked at Gunns and shouted that "he was coming to Germany to take that f*cking belt".


Since live production was handled by the WWNLive crew, it unfortunately was not up to the high production standard that wXw fans have gotten used to which is among the pinnacle of indie wrestling. For some reason, they filmed the video wall instead of sending the feed directly to the stream and also didn't feed the audio from the PA into the stream audio, making for some distorted audio. Also, the WWN video quality itself wasn't up to par, which also was an issue during the EVOLVE show that took place earlier in the day.

What's next for wXw talent?

This was not the only show that wXw core talent appears on over WrestleMania weekend. Lucky Kid, Bobby Gunns, and Marius Al Ani will team in the semi-main event of Friday's WWN Supershow against Eddie Kingston, Joe Gacy & Shane Strickland. On the same show, Absolute Andy challenges Anthony Henry for the FIP title.

Emil Sitoci will face Brian Pillman Jr. Friday at WrestleCon's U.S. vs. The World tomorrow while Avalanche will appear in MLW's Battle Riot II later that day. Aussie Open and Chris Brookes also will be in action on numerous shows over the weekend.

Of course, WALTER, who still is a key member of wXw, will challenge Pete Dunne for the WWE UK Championship on TakeOver: New York Friday evening while former wXw regular Marcel Barthel will be in action at the NXT tapings before that show. A number of former and current wXw talent also may appear at the NXT UK tapings on Saturday.