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AJPW cancels Champion Carnival tournament


All Japan Pro Wrestling’s Champion Carnival tournament will not go on as scheduled.

It was announced today that the tournament will not be taking place in April due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It was scheduled to start on April 6 at Korakuen Hall, with the finals taking place on May 5 at the same arena.

The president of AJPW, Tsuyoki Fukuda, said in the press conference announcing the cancellation that he will "make every possible effort" to run the tournament this year.

Before the cancellation, a number of changes were already being made due to the fast moving nature of the pandemic. Davey Boy Smith Jr., Lucas Steel, and Joel Redman were all previously announced for the tournament. However, they were pulled following travel restrictions imposed by the Japanese government.

The Champion Carnival tournament has been held every year since 1991, with the tournament originally starting in 1973. Kento Miyahara won last year’s tournament, defeating Jake Lee in the finals.