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All Japan Pro Wrestling launches streaming service


Another wrestling promotion has launched their own streaming service.

All Japan TV launched early this morning for 900 yen ($8.48 as of this writing). The service won’t start to charge until April, but payment information is required in order to watch videos. Registration for the site can be found here. If you are on Google Chrome, you can navigate the registration page via Google Translate. Once you register, click on a video on the main page and press play. From here, you will be taken to a screen where you will be asked for payment information, which include credit card and PayPal options.

The site currently features matches from this year and last year, including shows from last year's Champion Carnival tournament, but nothing before 2017. It is likely that older footage from the 90s and earlier will not be part of the service as NTV owns the rights to that footage and has no association with the service.

All Japan’s first streaming show will be the Dream Power Series on 3/26, with current All Japan Triple Crown champion Joe Doering defending the title against Kento Miyahara. In April, the service will stream this year’s Champion Carnival tournament, including the finals on 4/30.