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Atsushi Onita to launch FMWE exploding death match promotion


Atsushi Onita is reviving a cult favorite. 

Onita held a press conference on Thursday to announce the launch of Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling Explosion (FMWE), a new wrestling promotion that will borrow some of its name and logo from the legendary FMW company that Onita founded in 1989. Onita will serve as a figurehead for the company, while Hidetaka Kajiki will serve as company president. The new FMWE will hold its first show, titled "Independence Day" on July 4 in Yokohama at the Tsurumi Fruit and Vegetable Market.

"I have revived FMW," Onita said. "The meaning of E is explosion. It is an explosion... I decided to create an organization specializing in barbed wire explosion with President Kajiki." 

Onita said that there are plans to broadcast FMWE events live, but offered no specifics as to a potential streaming platform or partner. 

"We are launching this promotion to broadcast our matches live, worldwide, Onita said. "Live streaming has become a major trend since COVID-19."

He went on to cite AEW's recent exploding barbed wire death match as the catalyst for this revival. 

"The reason is that the first explosion death match was done at FMW. When I went to America, many people asked me to have my original explosion match in America. Then I dreamed of making it happen not only in the United States, but all over the world."

"Action, action action. Let's do everything," said Onita. 

Tickets for FMWE Independence Day go on sale on Friday. More information on ticket sales can be found on the new promotion's website.

The full press conference can be streamed below. 

Thanks to YouTube, Google Translate and Yahoo Japan for translation help.