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Cody Hall believed to be OK after scare at Invasion Attack

Cody Hall is expected to be okay after a major scare at today's Invasion Attack show at Sumo Hall in Tokyo.

Hall, who wasn't wrestling, was one of six people on the floor when Nick Jackson did a swanton off the balcony of the building during the Young Bucks & Kenny Omega Never trios title defense against Hiroshi Tanahashi & Michael Elgin & Yoshitatsu.  Jackson landed mostly on Hall but not in a manner that looked scary. Upon landing you could see Nick talking to him and the match then continued.

Hall never moved and was carried out on a stretcher.

The report we got is that he was examined and there was not a concussion and no fractures.  The belief is that he suffered a very bad stinger.

Part of the story of the match was that Yoshitatsu, whose career nearly Cody Hall is expected to be okay after a major scare at today's Invasion Attack show at Sumo Hall in Tokyo.