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Dragon Gate 11-6 iPPV results: Sumoz vs. VeserK All-Out War

Dragon Gate

Submitted by Scott Winter

- From Korakuen Hall in Tokyo

Dark Match: Yosuke <3 Santa Maria & U-T vs. Dragon Kid & Kzy

Yosuke forgot to shave her armpits tonight. A lovely touch. She would go for her trademark curtsy, but DK would curtsy with her, effectively mocking her. Yes, Yosuke is a her to me. It's a couple years and the act remains fresh. She slithered around the ring similar to Tonga, only to back her crotch up against the faces of her opponents hanging in the tree of whoa. When the match got serious, the double team maneuvers were spot-on. The kind of balance between strong sport and entertainment that North American companies wish they could produce. Kid went for his handstand knee, only for Yosuke to defend it with a kiss while he stood on his hands. U-T attempted a double team maneuver, missed and accidentally nailed Yosuke. In return, Yosuke almost hit him, but hugged him instead. And then, naturally, french kissed him. The shock and shame caused U-T to get crucifixed by DK for the win.

Akira Tozawa vs. Kaito Ishida

Ishida came out first followed by Over Generation. His cape is far less ridiculous than Lindaman's. Tozawa came out 10 pounds lighter having dropped the title to Kotoka last week. Ishida chant. He opened with big kicks to Tozawa. Big plancha from the rookie, onto Tozawa on the outside. Back in the ring, Tozawa with the patented closed fist. Ishida made the ropes, fighting out of a Boston crab, young boy style. Tozawa went for the Brainbustah but was countered by Ishida with one of his own. Missle dropkick from Ishida, followed by kicks but Tozawa hulked up and asked for more. Tozawa came back, hitting the rook with big boots and suplexes. Really good final stretch with Tozawa attempting one last German. Finally after much ado, he got it for the victory. Good match, good showing for the kid.

Masaaki Mochizuki & Big R Shimizu vs. Gamma & Takehiro Yamamura

The rookie Yamamura started the match for his team and tagged Mochizuki with a chop early. Mochi returned with a huge kick, but ate a drop kick in return, and then more chops from the kid.The Gammamura team has looked impressive in the past and continued to here, with a good dynamic as a tag team combination. Mochi came back with more chops and a leg lock on the kid, but Gamma dribbled water on his face to break, however he was also sucked into a simultaneousleg lock. More kicks from Mochi but Yamamura fought back made tag. Good stuff with the crowd behind the kid. In the end, Shimizu with the chokeslam for the win. Verserk hit the ring after the match, beat everybody up, and cut promos about being the champs.

Monster Express (Masato Yoshino, T-Hawk & Shachihoko BOY) vs. Over Generation (CIMA, Eita & Lindaman)

I missed the beginning of this. Yoshino, fastest man in wrestling, hit Eita with the quickest offense imaginable. Great triple team work from the men in Orange. Good to see Monster Express strong. They caught a raw deal with Shingo leaving and VerserK really taking off.Hayashi, who is just the best, came in and whooped some ass. Triple planchas from the faces. Two Germans into a Tiger Suplex from Lindaman onto Tiger Fish Boy for the big win, giving OG a nice victory. Yuga Hayashi is friggin' great.

The Sumos came out before intermission and conducted something of a sumo ceremony mid-ring.

Sumoz vs. VerserK - All Out War #1: Sumo Hagetora (Punch Tominaga) vs. Mondai Ryu

Holy shit, the Sumos have their own theme song, to the melody of "We are Jimmyz". But rather "We are Sumoz". This was the friggin' greatest, for those of us who wondered if they would take the gimmick that far. It's Ryu vs. Punch, YMMV. Ryu came out like a house of fire, but Punch implored his Matrix based defense. Quick win for Punch here with the PT Kick, in less than 2 minutes. Sumoz winning 1-0.

Sumoz vs. VerserK - All Out War #2: Sumo Susumu, Sumo Kness S.K.S. vs. YAMATO, Kotoka

Sumo chops & Sumo pose from K-Nesuka. Kotoka in, and the BLEEEHS were a plenty. Korakuen not nearly into it as much as the man typing this was. Kotoka now incorporating the moves of fan favorites into modified BLEEEHS. Ok, crowd liked that. Susumu & K-Ness are great as a tag team in Kagetora's absence, so if they remain Sumoz I can only hope for a little less comedy and more along the lines of their serious Jimmy selves. Susumu in, unable to counter the BLEEEH defense. Kotola got a little too into it and got caught with a top rope exploder.

Yamato back in to elevate the workrate. Nice double teaming from the heels. Gallaria attempt but Susumu yanked Yamato's trunks into a Sumo g-string form, as a means of defense. Good stuff. Assisted Implant Buster. Susumu & Yamto traded clotheslines, won by Susumu. Heel tactics from Kotoka involving the turnbuckle led to a Gallaria for the pin. Even without Doi, this was pretty good. Tied 1-1.

Sumoz vs. VerserK - All Out War #3: Genki Horiguchi S.U.M.Ooo, Sumo Kanda, Ryo “Sumo” Saito, Sumo Fujii vs. Naruki Doi, Shingo Takagi, Naoki Tanizaki, Cyber Kong

They brawled all over the building to start. Cameras followed Fujii & Yamato, who wasn't even in the match, throughout the upper deck. Back in the ring, Saito went for some traditional Sumo but was cheapshotted by Cyber Kong. This was not enough to break Saito's Sumo spirit, however. Eventually a Sumo match spawned. Kong dispersed of three Jimmyz, but got bested by the great Fujii, who then proceeded to put the mack hand down on World Champ Shingo. Triple team from the Sumoz resulted in Fujii chopping Tanizaki's crotch. Seemed painful.

Match became more of a standard tag, though the heat hadn't really gone off the charts yet. Cycling Yahoo from all 4 Sumoz resulted in Fujii fumbling through the move, which was pretty funny. Mondai Ryu interfered but Punch took care of him. Horiguchi backslide on Shingo for a hot 2.9. Shingo hit the last falconry in return but that was broken up. All hell broke loose with mass interference and combination maneuvers, ending in Saito hitting his SaiRyo Rocket splash for the win. Big win for the Sumoz.

VerserK cleared the ring after the match and cut promos, despite taking the L. Gamma was called out by Shingo. He proceeded to show up with kendo stick in hand and put a beating on the World Champ, this setting up a Shingo/Gamma title match, a bridge to Shingo vs. CIMA. 20 minutes of promos followed, setting up the next show.

Final Thoughts:

This was a good show, fun show. Nothing over-the-top great wrestling wise, but more like an 80's episode of NWA Saturday Night, with everything coming across as high energy and keeping the ball rolling for a product that is currently the hottest in the world.