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Hideki Suzuki headed internationally with 'one-way ticket'


Hideki Suzuki has left Japan, though it isn’t currently clear where his destination is.

Tokyo Sports reported this morning that the Big Japan Pro Wrestling star had left Japan with a one-way ticket, indicating he was leaving the country. The report was vague regarding where Suzuki would go other than he left via the international terminal. Suzuki previously guest trained at WWE’s Performance Center last year.

Training under Billy Robinson in the UWF Snake Pit dojo, Suzuki made his debut in 2008 for Antonio Inoki’s Inoki Genome Federation. He is best known for his run in Big Japan Pro Wrestling, winning their World Strong Heavyweight championship two times and winning the Strong Climb tournament in 2018. He has most recently started to appear for Pro Wrestling NOAH as part of Takashi Sugirua’s Sugiura-gun stable.

Two more recent signees to WWE include former Wrestle-1 star Jiro Kuroshio and Sareee, who has wrestled for both World Woman Pro Wrestling Diana and Seadlinnng.