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Michael Elgin returning to Pro Wrestling NOAH

Elgin will face Masa Kitamiya at night two of Majestic 2022.

Michael Elgin is making his return to Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Pro Wrestling NOAH has announced that Elgin will return to the promotion later this month, marking the first time he's wrestled for them since 2020. Elgin will face Masa Kitamiya at night two of NOAH's Majestic 2022 event on Saturday, April 30.

Majestic 2022 is taking place at Sumo Hall in Tokyo and will air live on Wrestle Universe.

Elgin wrestled for Pro Wrestling NOAH three times from 2019-2020.

This February, Elgin filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Impact Wrestling after being removed from Impact programming in June 2020 following allegations made against him during the #SpeakingOut movement. Elgin also claimed that Impact prevented him from working for Pro Wrestling NOAH in December 2020, damaging his reputation in Japan.

Impact announced on June 22, 2020 that Joey Ryan and Dave Crist's contracts had been terminated after #SpeakingOut allegations and Elgin had been suspended pending a further investigation. Four days later, it was announced that Elgin would not be appearing in any future Impact programming.

Elgin claimed that Impact made it seem like he was fired by the promotion after an investigation. Elgin's lawsuit against Impact alleges that Scott D'Amore told Elgin via email that ""the company's decision not to utilize you in further programming was not based on any investigation beyond the public disclosures (and your responses thereto) at the time."

Elgin was kept under contract with Impact despite not being used. The contract was set to expire this month, but Elgin said he became a free agent earlier than expected due to Impact not paying him since February because of the lawsuit.