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New members join the Bullet Club OG


The fallout from Jay White and Gedo leaving CHAOS continues, as they have aligned themselves with the Bullet Club OGs.

After defending his Wrestle Kingdom 13 title shot against Jay White successfully, Hiroshi Tanahashi was jumped by White. He was going for the bladerunner when Kazuchika Okada ran in for the save, sending him to the outside. Okada and Gedo got involved, which brought out Jado, who was wearing a Kazuchika Okada t-shirt.

As he was trying to ease tensions, the Bullet Club OGs came out and circled around the ring, eventually entering. Members held up both Jado and Gedo as Tama Tonga told Okada to go after Gedo. He did, but then walked right into a gun stun by Tama Tonga, swerving him. All of them, including Jado, threw up the too sweet, aligning themselves with one another as White came back into the ring and laid out Okada with the blade runner.

After everything went down and the OGs vanished, a battered Tanahashi checked on Okada, who was motionless in the ring. He was helped to the back as Okada got out of the ring and was helped to the back not too long after.

Along with everything that went down, Bad Luck Fale announced on Twitter that the Bullet Club OGs would be bringing in Australian wrestler Robbie Eagles to team with Taiji Ishimori in the Super Jr. tag tournament, which is set to start later this month.