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New Triple Crown Champion crowned at AJPW Champions Night


Jake Lee won the vacant Triple Crown championship at this morning’s 2021 Champions Night event at the Ota Ward General Gymnasium.

The rules of the match had Kento Miyahara (PWF World Heavyweight Championship), Yuma Aoyagi (NWA United National Championship), and Jake Lee (NWA International Championship) represent the three different titles that the Triple Crown title is comprised of. The first person that pinned both opponents in a gauntlet-style format would become the new champion. Miyahara picked up the first pinfall, pinning Aoyagi with the German suplex hold. Lee then entered the match and got the win over Miyahara with a back suplex, then pinned Aoyagi, giving him the two wins needed to win the match and the Triple Crown title for the first time.

The title was vacated on June 20 after former champion Suwama tested positive for COVID-19, pulling himself off of today’s card, where he was scheduled to defend the title against Lee, who won the Champion Carnival tournament earlier the year. Suwama had held the title for 454 days, defeating Miyahara back on March 23, 2020.